Helping students with Autism access a general education is a cooperative effort between school, parents, and student. The following list gives suggestions for helping the student with Autism access a general education.

School accommodations and responsibilities:

  • Establish a good working relationship with the parent/guardian
  • Provide a predictable and safe environment
  • Minimize transitions
  • Present materials visually
  • Divide instruction into small, sequential steps
  • Use peer tutors
  • Use repeated opportunities to practice
  • Individualize homework assignments
  • Allow extra time on assignments
  • Reduce distraction and sensory overload

Parent involvement:

  • Develop a good working relationship with school personnel and provide ongoing communication during the school year
  • Provide specific teaching, rehearsal, practicing, and modeling in natural settings
  • Concentrate on changing unacceptable behaviors and ignore those that are simply "odd"
  • Help the child to learn and implement self management strategies

Student self-management strategies and responsibilities:

  • Learn and use self-management strategies in relationship to age and develop stages of the student

***These are not complete lists of suggestions or accommodations, but are suggested ideas used by parents, teachers, and students to help the student access a general education.