Nebo School District Adoption Process

The formal mathematics textbook adopted by Nebo school district is “Mathematics”, a basal text produced by Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley.  This basal text was selected after a yearlong review and research period conducted in the 2005-2006 school year. 

The review committee for mathematics consisted of 35 teachers (most of which have masters degrees in mathematics or math instruction), 6 principals (two from the Springville area, two from the Spanish Fork area, and two from the Payson area), two school board members, three parents (including one who is a mathematician at a local university), Nebo School District’s Curriculum Director, and Nebo School District’s Math Specialist.

This committee spent many long hours studying current research in math education.  They also looked at effective teaching practices and pedagogy.  This information was used by the committee to create an evaluation tool (rubric) with which to compare all current mathematics products on the market.

The text evaluation process took nearly three month to complete.  This process was finalized by presentations from all of the companies who currently have products to offer.  This provided an opportunity for specific questions to be asked about each product and also allowed for comparisons of each product.

In the end the committee determined that the most balanced product which matched the evaluation tool most closely was the Scott Foresman/Addison Wesley basal program.  We feel that this program provides a proper balance of conceptual understanding of how mathematics works, and a firm understanding of algorithms, basic facts, and procedures that will help students be more effective and efficient at computation and problem solving.