Name of Book: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Genre: SF/Mystery
Author: Robert L. Stevenson Fiction or Nonfiction: Fiction
Reviewed by: Maureen Miller ISBN: 0-553-21277-x
Publisher’s Information: Bantam Books Awards:

Age/Gender of Main Character: middle aged man

DRP Level: 61 Lexile Level: 950-1075

Which age group would match interest and content of this book? Why or why not?
High School.


Give a brief summary of the book: (You may use a published annotation if available): Dr. Jekyll is looking at the dual nature of mankind. Through experimentation he becomes Mr. Hyde and is the epitome of evil. Will good or evil triumph.

Questionable Language: None.

Questionable content (Please explain):

Was the author responsible in the way he/she handled cultural, ethical or moral issues? Yes.

What literacy concepts, devices or styles did the author use? (I.e. symbolism, irony, flash backs, figurative language, etc.) Flashbacks, irony, very difficult language.

What themes or topics would this book address?
Dual nature or man; Good vs. evil; cause and effect.

Comments: Language and syntax is difficult for most H.S. students, but what the book teaches makes the struggle worthwhile.