Parent Involvement

It's a great partnership - parents and families with their public schools. Research clearly shows that when parents are directly involved with their child's education either at school or at home, the achievement of that student increases. Teachers and principals are the trained professionals, but parents are the experts on what each of their children need to succeed.

Parents are welcome in Utah public schools. When parents volunteer, their child gets the message, "I care about what you do at school." Many teachers are experts at using individual parental skills and expertise to enhance their classrooms. Organizations such as the PTA and the School Community Council volunteer countless hours and provide much needed services and extra supplies for our public schools.

Children will value their education when they realize that education is valued at home. So what can parents and families do at home? It could be hanging the latest masterpiece or report card on the fridge, working together on a computer or pointing the way to accomplishing a difficult assignment. Each child will need something different in the way of homework assistance, and parents know what is appropriate for each age and personality in order for their child to grow and learn from each assignment.

Research shows that "the most accurate predictor of a student's achievement in school is not income or social status, but the extent to which the student's family is able to (1) create a home environment that encourages learning; (2) communicate high, yet reasonable expectations for their children's achievement and future careers; and (3) become involved in their children's education at school and in the community." (National Standards for Parent/Family Involvement Programs, p. 8)

Courtesy of the Utah School Boards Association and Nebo School District.


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