Salem Hills High School Singers Perform at Prestige Conference

On October 27, 2018, the Salem Hills High School Singers, premiere choral ensemble from Salem Hills High in Nebo School District, performed at the Fall Conference of the Utah Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association. Held at The Waterford School in Sandy, Utah, the concert was attended by many of Utah’s leading choral directors from secondary schools, children’s choirs, universities, and professional choirs.

Nebo Student Named Utah Valley Student of the Week

Springville High student, Elizabeth Rex, in Nebo School District, has been recognized in the Daily Herald for her leadership and service to Springville students. Well done Elizabeth! 

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Nebo News November 2018


Nebo News November 2018

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Nebo School District

Nebo School District's Creative Teachers, Staff, and Students Celebrating Halloween - Answer to Wednesday Challenge

Nebo School District has very creative teachers, staff, and students celebrating Halloween. Photos were taken all over Nebo School District.

Congratulations to Karin Caswell for answering this week's "Where are we Wednesday?" challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.

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Superintendent Nielsen and Nebo School Board Meet with Student Leaders - Answer to Wednesday Challenge

The Nebo School District Board of Education and Superintendent Rick Nielsen meets with students from each of the local high schools and junior high schools on a quarterly basis. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school.

This month, the Nebo School Board asked the high school Youth Board students questions. The high school students, in turn, discussed their feelings on school safety, what they’ve gain from their education, resilience, and the Nebo School District bond.  

Nebo Students Inspired by RYLA


The Spanish Fork Rotary Club sponsored three Nebo School District high school-aged students to attend a three-day conference to learn about leadership and how to develop team-working skills. The conference took place up Provo Canyon at Aspen Grove.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2018, two students, Sydney Ward and Emma Morford, presented to the Spanish Fork Rotary Club about what they learned from the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) conference.

Cafe Rio in Springville Donates to Nebo Education Foundation

Cafe Rio in Springville opened its doors on Wednesday, October 24. Cafe Rio's spokesperson stated that they always like to give back to the community and one way is to donate to the schools. Nebo Education Foundation received a $2,500 check from Cafe Rio and will disburse it to schools and teachers through grants.

Springville Mayor Child Youth Recognition Awards

Kyleigh Richards, Luke Elder and Megan Rawle received Springville Mayor Youth Recognition Awards at October's City Council Meeting. All three students were nominated for the award by their teachers at Art City and Brookside Elementary. Kyleigh, Luke and Megan were recognized for being hard working, kind to others, and having positive attitudes in all they do. What great examples they are to us all!

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Nebo School District Kids are our Future

Photos Eric Melander

Kids in Nebo School District are our hope for a bright future. Last spring, class portraits were taken of Nancy Melander’s second grade class at Wilson Elementary School in Nebo School District. Captured by Eric Melander, the portraits beautifully display the purity and goodness of children. Reflecting what Nebo School District employees feel, Eric Melander said, “As we know, whatever field we’re in, it’s not about us. It’s about the people we serve; in this case, it’s the kids.”