Safety is a priority of Nebo School District officials, school principals, teachers, and staff. With the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, Nebo School District officials sent instructions to all principals and schools in the district on Friday, the morning of the tragedy, and again on Monday reminding schools of current district safety practices and procedures.

The U.S. Department of Education stated on Monday, December 17, 2012, “Schools are among the safest places for children and adolescents in our country, and, in fact, crime in schools has been trending downward for more than a decade. Accounts from Sandy Hook indicate that the school’s heroic principal and her staff had safety measures in place and had practiced their emergency procedures. As a result, children’s lives were saved and an even greater tragedy was averted.”

ParentLink is one way for Nebo School District to communicate to our students, parents, patrons, and employees for announcements and emergencies. Please make sure your information is correct. Go to the, click the parents page, then ParentLink or go to in order to make changes or updates to your information.

Even though not all tragedies can be prevented, Nebo School District’s schools have received training to handle crises, large and small, to keep our children and staff out of harm’s way. As we reflect on what happened last week in Connecticut, we are aware that some parents are requesting resources for more information. The following link provides some possible resources provided by the Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Technical Assistance Center that may be helpful to you, now and in the future. Website:

Nebo School District will continue to take steps to prevent and prepare for possible emergencies in our school district. Nebo School District officials, principals, staff and teachers continue to be your partner in education.

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