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Nebo School District’s Captains’ Academy -- Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 3:08pm
Lana Hiskey

On September 18, 2012, Nebo School District held its first Fall Academy of the quarterly Captains’ Academy for the 2012-2013 season. The purpose of the Captains’ Academy is to promote leadership and sportsmanship between Nebo School District’s six high schools and seven junior high schools. These academies have proven to promote better relations through student leaders and athletes.

This Fall Captains’ Academy included captains from girls’ soccer, football, cheer, boys’ golf, student council, volleyball, girls’ tennis, and girls’ and boys’ cross country.

Superintendent Rick Nielsen started the academy by welcoming the team captains and letting the students know that students come first in Nebo School District. 

Superintendent Rick Nielsen said, “The key to Captains’ Academy is that it enhances sportsmanship, builds friendships, builds leadership capacity, and embodies all that high school athletics is all about.”

Springville High’s Assistant Principal Lynn Mecham lead a discussion on “What is a leader?” Then the students worked in groups to answer the questions, “What is a leader?” and “What is the role of a captain?”

Payson High’s Assistant Principal Chris Loveless presented “Sportsmanship”. Then the students worked in groups again to answer the questions, “How can we as leaders instill sportsmanship at our school?” and “How can we instill better sportsmanship at our school?”

Each high school sends a captain for each sport. The captains do not sit with their own school; rather, they sit with sport captains from other high schools–football, girls’ tennis, cross country, etc. each have their own sports table. The captains listen to each presenter, and then work collaboratively to present their position and ideas back to the entire group.

The keynote speech was given by Jim Snyder, PhD. And Alina Fong, PhD. from Intermountain Healthcare. The topic addressed was on “Concussions.” The student leaders were intrigued by their remarks and information.

Everett Kelepolo, Nebo School District’s athletic director and organizer of these academies, said, “Captains Academy’s mission is to teach the value of competition, improve the athletic skill, and develop sportsmanship. We hope through the Captains’ Academy that we can continue to help students, coaches, and administrators understand the impact we can have on leadership and sportsmanship throughout our district and state.”

A big thanks goes to Laura Salazar, Communications Director at Intermountain Healthcare, for the delicious lunch provided for the captains.

Ryan Murray, Principal at Orchard Hills Elementary, won the Wednesday's challenge.