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What Went Right on the First Day of School

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 08/23/2012 - 10:31am
Lana Hiskey

Yesterday was the first day of school for more than 30,000 Nebo School District students, and a few things did not go perfectly. Some student IDs were incorrectly printed, a few buses ran behind, and no doubt almost every student, parent and teacher had something not go right. But what about the other side of the story?

What went right?

  • Many of our 30,500 students had a safe school bus ride to and from school. Our 165 buses cover an average of 12,000 miles each day (our district is a big one – 1,300 sq. miles).
  • More than 16,000 students ate breakfast, lunch, or both at school. There were healthy choices available (although more than a few Creamie bars were eaten too). For some students these were the best meals of their day. For some students these were the only meals of the day. Our cooks are amazing!
  • Our 1,700 teachers, principals and other professional staff greeted students, helped them find their classes, began the teaching process and in general did an exceptional job. This did not happen by accident. Most teachers spend much of their summer preparing for the next school year so that things start right.
  • Schools were clean and grounds were manicured. Nebo’s maintenance and custodians spent the summer making sure windows were fixed, roofs were repaired, floors were waxed, and, in general, getting schools ready for students.
  • Secretaries and other office staff greeted students, and we all know that as the year goes along, these people will handle thousands of jobs and virtually every one of those jobs will in some way impact students. Nebo has the most incredible employees!   
  • District administrators, principals and School Board Members spent much of their time making sure the district is focused on doing what is right for students. The coordination of 30,500 plus students, 4,200 plus staff, 40 school buildings, and 3 special programs does not happen by accident, and it won’t happen at all if someone is not paying attention to detail.

Please feel free to share “what went right” with our communication office from time to time. When teachers do a great job -- tell them (this goes for all of us: parents, colleagues, bosses, etc.). When your kids experience success -- celebrate! When you see something that needs to be improved – tell those involved, and be part of the solution.