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Classified Employees Retire from Nebo School District

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 05/31/2012 - 4:22pm
Hayley Pingree
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Jimmy Banks -- Brookside Sweeper
Nancy Barlow -- Spring Lake Skills Coach
Charles Betts -- District Head Warehouseman
Harriett Blackham -- Transportation
Mary Lou Brandon -- Transportation
Larry Bringhurst -- Payson Junior Custodian
Rod Davis -- Transportation
Julie Deschamps -- Mt. Nebo Junior Secretary
Klair Durrant -- Sage Creek Head Custodian
Paul Finch -- District Maintenance Custodial Foreman
Dennis Gull -- District Maintenance Electrical Foreman
Larry Hathaway -- Canyon & Park Head Custodian
Sharon Hurst -- Taylor & Payson High Head Transport
Joyce McBride -- Spanish Fork High Special Education Technician
Charlene Montague -- Spanish Fork Junior Head Night Custodian
Sue Olsen -- Springville Junior & Art City Lunch Transport
Barbara Preston -- Park Elementary Pre-School Technician
Gloria Waddoups -- Mt. Loafer Media Specialist
Colleen Wolsey -- Wilson Title I Technician
Diane Young -- Mapleton Elementary Resource Technician

Jimmy Banks
Jimmy Banks, sweeper at Brookside Elementary School is retiring after 21 years of service. When asked about his time at Nebo School District, Jimmy replied, “Do your best.  I enjoyed my co-workers’ friendships.” Jimmy has provided the sacrament bread each Sunday for over 40 years at his LDS ward.  He enjoys walking, bike riding, and crocheting. Jimmy resides in Spanish Fork.

Nancy Barlow
Nancy Barlow, skills coach at Spring Lake Elementary, is retiring after 10 years of service. Reflecting on her career, Mrs. Barlow quoted Abraham Lincoln who said, “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Mrs. Barlow enjoys reading, studying U.S. History, and spending time with her grandchildren. Mrs. Barlow and her husband, Kent, live in Santaquin. They have 6 children and 24 grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Barlow plan to leave for a two-year LDS mission in August.

Charles Betts
Charles Betts, head warehouseman at the District Office Warehouse, is retiring after 30.5 years of service. When asked his personal motto, Betts quoted President Spencer W. Kimball and added a few words of his own, “‘Give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.’ I have loved working for Nebo School District. I had some great bosses and wonderful co-workers. Thanks for the wonderful 30 years of work.” Charles enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, Dutch oven cooking, riding four-wheelers, and farming. He has taught many fishing classes and other recreational activities for Spanish Fork. He has received the District Merit and Silver Beaver Award from the Boys Scouts of America. He received 15-, 20-, and 30-year pins from Nebo School District.  Betts also received the Second Miler award. He and his wife, Patti, reside in Spanish Fork and have seven children.

Harriett Blackham
Harriett Blackham, bus attendant for Nebo School District, is retiring after 18 years of service. Blackham started as a bus attendant because of her daughter, Rachael, and grew to love the all the children and teach that she worked with throughout the years. Harriett enjoys traveling, cruising, and anything Disney. She resides in Springville. Blackham reflects on her time at Nebo School District by saying, “I am going to miss coming to work and seeing all of my little children, but I am looking forward to my new adventures.”

Mary Lou Brandon
Mary Lou Brandon, Nebo bus driver, is retiring after 34 years of service. In her time driving buses, Brandon has won State Bus Driver of the Year and Nebo Bus Driver of the Year. Mary Lou said of her time on the bus, “The special children, parents, my techs, and other associates have truly made my life richer. I’ve always tried to treat the children I’ve driven in the same way I treat my own.” Brandon resides in Spanish Fork with her husband. She has three children and 12 grandchildren.

Larry Bringhurst
Larry Bringhurst, custodian at Payson Junior High, is retiring after 10 years of service. “I have had the pleasure of working with many caring, friendly professionals,” Bringhurst said of his time at Payson Junior High. “They have all made a difference not only to me, but to the schools.” Bringhurst resides in Mapleton with his wife, Glenda. They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Rodney Davis
Rodney Davis, bus driver for Nebo School District, is retiring after almost 18 years of service. Davis resides in Payson with his wife, Gaylene. They have five children.

Julie Deschamps
Julie Deschamps, secretary at Mt. Nebo Junior High is retiring after 27 years of service. When it comes to parting advice, Julie says, “Be dependable.” Deschamps also said that she has loved her job and loved working at a place where her children attended. Deschamps has four children and resides in Payson with her husband, Gordon. She enjoys her family, camping, hiking, crafts, and gardening.

Klair Durrant
Klair Durrant, head custodian at Sage Creek Elementary, is retiring after 26 years of service. Durrant has enjoyed his time with Nebo School District and leaves these parting words of advice, “Your work is a reflection on you. Always do your best.” Klair lives in Spanish Fork with his wife, Linda; and they have one daughter.

Pauline Edmunds
Pauline Edmunds, head sweeper and lunch worker for Springville and Mapleton Junior High Schools, is retiring after 21 years of service. Pauline said, “I enjoyed working with the ladies and co-workers.” Pauline received a 20-year pin from Nebo School District. She enjoys reading and family. Edmunds and her husband Phil have two children.

Paul Finch
Paul Finch, custodial foreman for Nebo District Maintenance, is retiring after almost 32 years of service. Finch’s personal motto is “Live, laugh, love.” He currently resides in Payson with his wife, Penny; and they have eight children. Finch enjoys farming, camping, and hunting.

Dennis E. Gull
Dennis E. Gull, electrical foreman for Nebo District Maintenance, is retiring after 33 years of service. “I have enjoyed working with a lot of very skilled craftsmen for the past 32 years,” Gull said. “The district has been a great experience and a benefit to my family. The district is staffed with a lot of great people, whom I will miss seeing daily.” Dennis was awarded the Maintenance Employee of the Year. He is involved in the Kiwanis Club, Boy Scouts of America, and enjoys grandkids, fishing, hunting, and gardening. Gull resides in Spanish Fork with his wife, Ann. They have six children.

Larry Hathaway
Larry Hathaway, head custodian at Canyon and Park Elementary, is retiring after 31 years of service. Hathaway’s motto is “Enjoy Life,” and plans to follow his dreams upon retirement. Of his time at Canyon and Park Elementary, Larry said, “I have had the wonderful job working as a custodian over the years. Thank you for letting me work for Nebo and the kids that we serve.” Larry enjoys jewelry making, rock hunting, and spending time with family. Larry and his wife, Vickie, have three children.

Sharon Hurst
Sharon Hurst, head transport for Taylor Elementary and Payson High School, is retiring after 24 years of service. Hurst said she will miss everyone she has worked and served with over the years. She enjoys softball, volleyball, and grandkids. Hurst lives in Payson with her husband, Ronald; and they have five children.

Joyce McBride
Joyce McBride, special education technician at Spanish Fork High, is retiring after 10 years of service. About her career, Mrs. McBride said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our special students. They brighten my life.”

Mrs. McBride and her husband, Wayne, reside in Mapleton. They have 7 children and 20 grandchildren. She enjoys genealogy, sewing, doing needle arts, and spending time with her family.

Charlene Montague
Charlene Montague, head night custodian at Spanish Fork Junior High, is retiring after 30 years of service. “I have enjoyed my work with the district, and I have been very lucky to have two great bosses,” said Montague about her time at Spanish Fork Junior High. Charlene enjoys working on family albums, and has three daughters and eight grandchildren.

Sue Olsen
Sue Olsen, lunch transport for Springville Junior High and Art City Elementary, is retiring after 24 years of service. During her career, Olsen won the Heart of the Kitchen award. She also received the Excellence in Service Award from the Art City Elementary PTA. Regarding her career, Olsen remembers a fond memory of when she began working at Art city. “Chris Sorensen was the principal,” Olsen said. “He set the tone of the school by making the environment a comfortable place to work. His policy was that every one of the faculty was equal and should treat each other as such. He felt it was best for the kids. His mother was a lunch lady, so he made a special effort to include us in the lunch department in everything they did. In turn, Sorensen and Ronda Crane, the school secretary, trained Rick Nielsen, Dave Rowe and Lori Nielson to keep the same policy going for the 19 years I was there. I can’t express enough how that helped me do my job the very best I could. We really are a family.” Sue lives in Spanish Fork with her husband, Rick. They have 7 children and 15 grandchildren. Olsen enjoys family, reading, photography, and crafts.

Barbara Preston
Barbara Preston, pre-school technician at Park Elementary, is retiring after nine years of service. Mrs. Preston and her husband, Patrick, reside in Salem and have five children. She enjoys keeping up with her grandchildren.

Gloria Waddoups
Gloria Waddoups, media specialist at Mt. Loafer Elementary, is retiring after 16 years of service. “Who wouldn’t have loved this job?” Gloria said, when reflecting on her career.   Gloria has been President of the Nebo Librarians’ Association for three years. She spent three years on the USEA Board, and was also the Nebo Media Representative. Waddoups was a member of the Utah Association for the Gifted Children and spent five years as a reading tutor at the Springville Public Library. She enjoys reading and crochet. She is married to Royal; they reside in Springville and have 8 children and 23 grandchildren.

Colleen Woolsey
Colleen Woolsey, Title I technician at Wilson Elementary, is retiring after 14 years of service in Nebo School District. “I have loved working with these children,” Woolsey said. “It has been a wonderful experience and delightful journey to work with such loving and amazing people. I love them.” Woolsey enjoys gardening, studying nature, and spending time with her grandchildren. Colleen and her husband, Therold, have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Diane G. Young
Diane G. Young, resource technician at Mapleton Elementary, is retiring after 19 years of service. Diane gave this parting advice, “Be thankful in all things.  Count your blessings, not your troubles.  The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything.” Diane received Classified Employee of the Year in 2010-2011 at Mapleton Elementary and is a member of the Classified Employees Association. She enjoys gardening, reading, traveling, and being with family.  She is married to Marvin; they reside in Springville and have six children.