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Nebo Superstars Take on the Track and Field

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 05/29/2012 - 10:23am
Hayley Pingree

The Nebo School District Special Education Department and Maple Mountain High School hosted the second annual Nebo Superstars Track and Field Day on Thursday, May 17. The meet was designed for students with disabilities and was a special opportunity for special needs students and student athletes to spend the day together and participate in athletic events.

The students participated in a variety of races, as well as a softball throw, long jumping, and high jumping. Each student won an award for their participation. Teachers, students, and parents all look forward to the track meet each year.

“My son, Ben and daughter, Emma are both here participating,” said parent James Morrison, at the event on Thursday. “I really appreciate the opportunity they get to interact with other kids, and I like the opportunity that the student athletes get, to experience interacting with special needs students on a more casual basis. I’ve always enjoyed the event, and I’ve been out here every year.”

“The Superstars track meet is a great opportunity to give something fun to a great group of wonderful kids. The student athletes and physical education classes at Maple Mountain High School look forward to this meet every year. We hope to keep this annual track meet going for as long as possible,” said Dave Boyack, Maple Mt. High Athletic Director.

A special thanks to Coach Dave Boyack, the athletic staff and the students at Maple Mountain High, and Mad Screen Printing in Spanish Fork