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High School Assistant Principals Appointed for 2012-13

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 04/02/2012 - 3:40pm
Lana Hiskey

Chris Loveless – Payson High Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Chris Loveless as the assistant principal of Payson High School. Chris received his bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Utah Valley University and his Master’s of Administration from Southern Utah University.

Mr. Loveless has worked for Nebo District for nine years as a Career Technology Education teacher. He has taught business, marketing, multimedia, and driver’s education for over eight years. He is the advisor for the DECA, a business club.

Coach Loveless is a two-time 4A Wrestling Coach of the Year in 2009 and 2010. He was also selected as 3A Wrestling Coach of the Year in 2012.

Principal Ben Ford said, “Chris uses good judgement in difficult situations. He has a calming effect on people and does not get emotionally charged. He listens to both sides of every issue before making a decision. He took over a struggling wrestling program and in a few short years turned it into a championship caliber team that has won two state titles. Chris is flexible and will do whatever is asked of him. He will be an excellent administrator.”

Chris’ motto comes from Abraham Lincoln: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” Chris completely agrees and said, “If you are going to choose to do something, you might as well work hard, always do your best, and continue to work hard to get even better.”

Chris enjoys the outdoors, family, reading, and coaching. He is married to Mary, and they have four children.

Wade Tischner – Salem Hills High Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Wade Tischner as the assistant principal at Salem Hills High. Wade received his Bachelor’s of Technology and Industrial Education from Utah State University and his Master’s of Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University. Mr. Tischner taught engineering, robotics, and physics with technology for 16 years. He also has spent 18 years with the National Guard with a one year tour to Iraq.

Mr. Tischner was selected as Lone Peak’s 2003 High School Teacher of the Year. He also had the opportunity to be an advisor in 2010 to TSA Robotics National Champion Team.

Principal Dave Rowe said, “I admire Wade’s professionalism. Wade sees what needs to be done and takes care of it. He is sensitive to the needs of those around him and has a good sense of prioritization. He works extremely hard with a positive attitude.  Wade is dependable and consistent. He is levelheaded and mature in all of his interactions with students, parents, faculty, and peers. Wade Tischner is an outstanding educator and a person of integrity.”

Wade’s motto comes from Garrick Peterson: “It’s all about the conversation.”

Wade enjoys road and mountain cycling, horses, and wood carving. He is married to Donna, and they have six children. They are currently looking for a home in Salem.

Matt Christensen – Spanish Fork High Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Matt Christensen as the assistant principal of Spanish Fork High School. Matt received his bachelor’s of art degree from Brigham Young University and his Master’s of Administration from Southern Utah University. He has worked in Nebo District for eight years.

Mr. Christensen has taught world civilization, US History, world geography, sports psychology, weight training, advanced conditioning, and driver’s education. He has also coached football for 11 years, 6 of those years as head coach. He was the assistant basketball coach and the assistant girls’ golf coach.

Principal Dave McKee said, “Matt has tremendous ability in organization and interpersonal relations. He has gained the respect of all the students in the school and is fair, consistent, and enthusiastic. Matt is influential in developing a positive environment and increasing desires of others to excel in every aspect of their lives.”

Mr. Christensen’s said, “I believe being a positive role model is one of the most powerful forms of teaching. Our youth need good role models more than they need critics.”

Matt enjoys playing basketball and golf. He likes camping and spending time with his family. He is married to Jenifer, and they have three children.