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Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants February 2012

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 02/28/2012 - 4:18pm
Lana Hiskey

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District.  Board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students.  Many of the donations received are for selected projects or scholarships, yet a substantial amount is available for the greatest need.  Greatest need monies are considered for grants submitted by area schools.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to bless the lives of students.

Brockbank – Kristel Peterson, Louise Crook, & Stephanie Benson
Kristel Peterson, gifted and English as a second language teacher, said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so excited to begin using my iPad in my classroom. The applications and possibilities for use are endless, and I can't wait to begin integrating it into our daily second-grade life. We will be using the iPad as a document camera as well, which will help in so many ways; and we will finally say goodbye to the old overhead projector. :) I am excited to integrate all of the fabulous reading, writing, math, and science applications that my peers have been using, and I know my students will be so excited to have new technology in our classroom. Thanks again.”

"I am so excited to receive this grant from the Nebo Education Foundation! I will be using the document camera in so many ways. Students will be able to follow along as I read poems and stories which will help them improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling. I will display manipulatives in math lessons to teach difficult concepts. The children will be able to show their peers how they solved a problem on their own papers. The uses are practically endless. Thank you so much for helping me make my teaching more effective, efficient, and exciting for the children in the Nebo School District,” stated second-grade teacher, Louise Crook.

Stephanie Benson, fifth-grade teacher, replied, “I was so excited to hear that I received the grant for an iPad. I have some great ideas and Apps I plan to purchase to help support my students in the classroom. This new technology will allow me to show student thinking without recreating their work on a white board or overhead projector. The applications available to use in teaching are growing daily. There are Apps available to support any subject. I am very thankful that Nebo Foundation is so ready and willing to support worthy classroom projects.”

Hobble Creek – Brandi Wayment, Deborah Johnson, & Tami Johnson
“We are so thankful to the Nebo Foundation for awarding us this grant. This grant will add over 450 nonfiction books to our classroom libraries, giving our students the opportunity for more independent reading and help them improve their reading skills.  This will greatly benefit our students today and for years to come. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Hobble Creek’s first-grade teachers--Brandi Wayment, Deborah Johnson, and Tami Johnson.

Goshen – Third & Fourth Grades
“Thank you for the grant approval.  The third- and fourth-grade teachers are very excited to buy some leveled books that will give variety to the teacher library.  This year, we felt like the books available for third- and fourth-graders were not sufficient.  The students will be pleased to have a wider selection to choose from. Thank You!” stated Pam Lynn.

Springville Junior – Mary Rice
Mary Rice, English teacher, said, “This grant will be used to purchase copies of Children of Topaz by Michael O. Tunnell.  They will be used as part of an interdisciplinary project that includes English, history, and biological science as subject matter.  It is very important to have access to high quality resources for student use in order to make educative curriculum for them.  The grant has made the experience of trying to work across disciplinary boundaries less stressful.”

Brockbank – Laurel Koyle
“I was so excited that I received a grant from the Nebo Foundation for a document camera!  I have wanted a document camera for several years; and now, it is going to happen!  I will be using it multiple times every day for things such as checking students assignments with them, demonstrating lesson concepts, showing manipulatives to solve math problems, and showing examples of student work in all subject areas. It can be used to project any form of printed materials including pages from workbooks, books, and pictures that I use for literacy activities. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Laurel Koyle, second-grade teacher.

Orchard Hills – Gwen Wride & Shirley Esquerra
Gwen Wride, kindergarten teacher, said, “We are so happy to receive a grant from the Nebo Foundation!  The science Utah core for kindergarten states that students will explore living and nonliving things.  This is new material for us, and we have no ‘hands on’ materials to help us teach these concepts.  With the Nebo grant, we are able to purchase rock, mineral, and fossil samples.   With these samples, we will be able to explore and learn more about rocks.   All students benefit from exploring and learning with ‘real’ materials.   With these samples, students will be able to explore, classify, and compare different rock types. Thank you again for your support and generosity.”

“We are so excited to receive this grant! We are learning about non-living things this year and what is more non-living than rocks? With this money, we are able to purchase sets of minerals, fossils, and stones from all over the world. Kindergartners learn best through hands-on experiences and having actual rocks is a better way to learn than just looking at pictures. Thanks so much,” replied Shirley Esquerra.

The Nebo Education Foundation could use more funds to support these worthwhile learning grants. Anyone interested in donating to Nebo District schools, classes or programs can do so through the Nebo Education Foundation which is a 501 © (3) organization created to bring businesses and donors together for the benefit of Nebo District school children.  Your contribution is a tax deductible charitable gift as provided by law. Contact Lana Hiskey at 801-354-7400, email or mail to 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.

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