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Don Applegate is honored by the Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students (A.R.T.S.), Inc.

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 01/20/2012 - 11:55am
Lana Hiskey

Mt. Loafer’s sixth-grade teacher in Nebo School District, Don Applegate, is being honored by the Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students (A.R.T.S.), Inc. He earned this prestigious award by going the extra mile to incorporate the fine arts into the classroom and school.

One person can make a difference in the lives of our children! Each year Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students A.R.T.S., Inc. conducts an extensive search for outstanding Arts-In-Education educators from each of the forty-one school districts throughout the State of Utah.

Mr. Applegate has taught for 31 years.  Mr. Applegate taught third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades at Brookside, Salem, Larsen, Canyon, Hobble Creek, and Mt. Loafer in Nebo School District.  He coached wrestling for four years at Spanish Fork Junior High.  He has served as a school facilitator and as a BYU CFA.  Mr. Applegate was the Mt. Loafer Teacher of the Year for 2010.

Mr. Applegate directs many musicals and singing groups at the elementary level.  He uses drama in the classroom.  While teaching at Salem Elementary, he conducted the Salem Superstars and was instrumental in Salem Elementary earning the Hope of America Superior School Award.   He conducts the Mt. Loafer Singers and has directed the musical, "Tom Sawyer" at three different schools.

Executive Director of the A.R.T.S., Inc. Ernie Doose, states on their website, “The commitment of educating our children for the future and providing them with a well-rounded education, is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as a society. For more than fifty years, Artistic Resource for Teachers and Students, (A.R.T.S.), Inc. has maintained a firm commitment to produce and render quality Arts-In-Education programming throughout the State of Utah.”

Ernie Doose also states that the arts are essential to our families and our communities…! In 2010-2011 they provided more than 600 programs reaching an estimated 200,000 children throughout forty-one school districts.

Mr. Don Applegate will be honored at the 50th Anniversary Awards and Dinner Gala located at the Grand American Hotel’s Imperial Ballroom on Thursday, February 16, 2012. There will be a reception at 6:00 and dinner and awards will be from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Professional entertainment will include Danny Wright and A.R.T.S., Inc. Performing Artists.