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Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 12/20/2011 - 10:24am

Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District.  Board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students.  Many of the donations received are for selected projects or scholarships, yet a substantial amount is available for the greatest need.  Greatest need monies are considered for grants submitted by area schools.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to bless the lives of students.

Payson High – Judy Skinner & Stan Robbins
“Thank you Nebo Education Foundation.  The Payson High School Library is excited to use the grant to purchase twelve Kindles for student use.  When we purchase an ebook title for our Kindle, it can be gifted to six devices, therefore, we will be able to purchase two titles of a popular book and have it available on one to twelve Kindles for students to checkout.  It will save our school money on purchases, book repairs, replacing lost and damaged books, and save shelf space. We are excited to provide our students with an electronic format as an option in reading,” stated Judy Skinner, librarian at Payson High.

“This is great news about being approved for the iPads!  The PHS Social Studies Department will use the iPads directly in our classrooms to access the internet to enrich Social Studies lessons.  Many social study related resources will be accessed and directly linked and shown to students through our computer projector and document camera systems.  We hope to maximize student participation and learning with this valuable tool.  Thank you very much,” stated Stan Robbins, social studies teacher at Payson High.

Brockbank – Peggy Rothaug and Lisa Bird
“Thank you so much for awarding this grant to the Brockbank Elementary library. We are so excited to be able to use this grant to purchase a large quantity of up-to-date, non-fiction books.  The books that have been selected have wonderful information and stunning pictures.  They will facilitate the students of all grade levels as they seek information for personal use as well as for research reports and projects. The biographies will be especially useful to the fifth-graders as they engage in their wax museum projects.  They will also be great resources for second-graders as they complete their first research papers. It is our desire that all the students at Brockbank discover the value of libraries and develop a great love for reading and knowledge,” stated Peggy Rothaug, librarian at Brockbank Elementary.

Lisa Bird, first-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, said “I was so excited to get the news that the Nebo Education Foundation approved my grant for an iPad. I am especially anxious to implement this technology in my classroom. Compared to an overhead projector, the iPad offers such an expanded access for demonstration and visual learning as well as audio-visual learning and educational benefits of learning through music. With the numerous educational learning applications available on the iPad, I am eager to provide an additional avenue for research and an increase of learning in language arts, math, social studies and science.  In addition, this wireless technology will enhance learning by allowing more mobility for me to assess students’ work while maintaining the focus of all students. With the core curriculum changes and a new focus area on the use of technology in the classroom having access to an iPad for the students will be such an advantage to individualize and help meet each student’s needs. As a teacher, I am thrilled to begin learning and working with this technology and know that as I do, I will be able to find countless ways to enhance and encourage learning in my classroom. I feel very privileged to receive this grant from you and thank everyone on the board of the Nebo Education Foundation for providing me with this opportunity to have state of the art technology in my classroom.”

Art City – Jennifer Grant, Teresa Balser, and Debbie Hadlock
“The fourth grade teachers at Art City Elementary School submitted grants requesting funds for document cameras in each of their classrooms.  We plan to use the document cameras to enhance student learning that will support the curriculum.  We appreciate the updated technology that will help engage students in the learning process,” stated the fourth-grade team, Jennifer Grant, Teresa Balser, and Debbie Hadlock.

Hobble Creek – Deborah Johnson
“THANKS!!!!  I am so excited to hear the wonderful news that I will be receiving a grant to purchase an iPad to use in my classroom!  I have been dreaming about the ways this will enhance my students’ learning and am glad this dream will become a reality! I plan on using this tool to create interactive learning activities that my students will participate in to become active learners in my lessons!  I will use this with my projector to involve my whole class, as well as use it in guided reading and other small group mini lessons!
I am so thankful to all of you who made this possible, and know that it will benefit many students in our district for years to come,” stated Deborah Johnson, first-grade teacher at Hobble Creek Elementary.

Sierra Bonita – Megan Hays
“I am very excited to hear that the grant has been approved! Thank you so much.
Here at Sierra Bonita, we have many children with speech and language needs, ranging from severe disabilities in our medical fragile unit and language delayed preschoolers, to our children with articulation, phonological and language disorders. The iPad will be used to facilitate the progress of our children in their areas of need. We will use the interactive nature of the iPad to help our severe students learn cause and effect, requesting, and how to make a purposeful choice. We will use it in preschool to help the students develop their early language and articulation skills, both in one-on-one therapy and in group lessons. There are many Apps available to help our older articulation students learn how to form specific speech sounds and to provide drill practice. It will also be beneficial in our language groups for our older students to help them learn skills necessary for their general education curriculum. Again, thank you so much,” stated Megan Hays, speech and language teacher at Sierra Bonita.

Springville High and Junior High – Jennifer Cluck
I am very grateful and very excited to have been awarded this grant so I can purchase an iPad for the students. I serve as a speech pathologist.  Many good speech pathology Apps have been developed, and the interactive nature of the iPad should help me make even greater progress with my students. The iPad also allows me to record my students during therapy, then email the files home so parents can see what great progress their students are making with their speech at school.  At Springville High and Springville Junior High, I work with some students who have pretty severe handicaps.  Some of them talk very little, and the iPad can also be used as a communication board to help these students learn that communicating can help them get what they need.  The iPad will allow me to do things that I could not do with traditional materials. Thank you again for funding my request,” stated Jennifer Cluck, speech and language teacher at Springville High and Springville Junior High.

Salem Hills High
“This device will be used to enhance classroom instruction by making available computer and internet content for display to students via class room projector. The mobility of the device will make it usable from any position in the classroom, allowing the teacher to move more freely about the room during the course of instruction.  It will make available for immediate use, internet-based material such as Moodle quizzes and content, video clips, etc.  It will also allow for immediate response and feedback from individual students as questions are posed during instruction. An added goal of obtaining the device at this time is to familiarize the teacher with technology that the majority of students are already comfortable with. Thanks,” stated Ivan Clarke and Karl Hales, both math teachers at Salem Hills High.

Barnett – Gwen Spencer and Lisa Leach
“What an exciting time to be involved with education and technology.  It is hard, however, to keep up with all the advancements. But with support like this from the Nebo Education Foundation, we have a fighting chance.  With this new iPad, I will be able to explore and share with my class, microorganisms without microscopes, space without a spaceship, and ancient history without time travel.  How great is that? Thank you Nebo Foundation for your support,” stated Gwen Spencer, sixth-grader teacher at Barnett Elementary.

Lisa Leach, sixth-grade teacher at Barnett Elementary, said “Thank you so much for approving the grant for an iPad!  My class is so excited to see all the marvelous things it will do!  We have talked about how exciting it will be to look at microorganisms without a microscope!  With the help of your grant I am hopeful that I will be able to provide a more comprehensive teaching and exciting learning environment.  So thanks again for helping me improve education and the lives of my students.”

The Nebo Education Foundation continues to need funds to give these worthwhile learning grants. Anyone interested in donating to Nebo District schools, classes or programs can do so through the Nebo Education Foundation which is a 501 (c) (3) organization created to bring businesses and donors together for the benefit of Nebo District school children.  Your contribution is a tax deductible charitable gift as provided by law. Contact Lana Hiskey at 801-354-7400, e-mail or mail to 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.

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