Lana Hiskey

Krystal Baker, English and journalism teacher at Payson High School, was selected as one of the 165 journalism teachers nationwide and 1 of 3 from Utah to attend, a national and advanced journalism conference, this summer in Reno, Nevada.

The journalism teachers were urged to be bold, lead, and innovate. The conference is part of an ongoing national effort to grow an informed citizenry that can discern quality news and create multi-media youth journalists.

"These teachers impart the life skills of writing, reading, communicating and critical thinking. All students - not just aspiring journalists – benefit from these basic skills. And every student gains from learning about ethical decision-making, news literacy and the First Amendment," said Diana Mitsu Klos, senior project director of ASNE. The project also has an educational website at This groundbreaking Institute has been funded since 2007 by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.

Ben Ford, principal at Payson High School, said, "It has been my privilege to be associated with Krystal for the past several years. I have watched her grow into an excellent teacher. She has the students best interested in mind at all times and works on their behalf every day. She has created an excellent student-generated newspaper that is highly thought of by everyone that sees it. Krystal is a dynamic individual that makes everyone around her better because of her positive, always happy personality."

"Ms. Baker puts together all Payson High School news and gets it out to the public in a variety of ways. She is innovative and inspires students," said, Lana Hiskey, public information officer of Nebo School District.

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