Cory Green, MMHS Girls' Basketball Coach, is selected as 4A Coach of the Year by the Salt Lake Tribune.

Maple Mountain High School (MMHS) is in its second year of existence. Coach Cory Green coached the girls’ basketball team to the semifinals with no graduating seniors stated the Salt Lake Tribune.

When asked about the team, Coach Green, attributed their success to the girls. "This group of young ladies is very hard working and very coachable. They were willing to become ‘students of the game’ and learned to excel based on their individual strengths, and what they could give to the team. They also worked very hard in the off season this past year to improve their skills in a variety of aspects of the game, which certainly came in to play this season. Lastly, I think two other important reasons for our success were first: the team is very balanced - everyone on the team contributes, which makes it very difficult for other teams to match up with us. Second: we played very good team defense all year, which lead to a lot of our victories. We are looking forward to next year."

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, MMHS had the second best defense in 4A, as far as opponents’ points allowed per game.

Dave Boyack, MMHS Athletic Director, said, "We are proud of Cory. He is extremely dedicated and works well with the girls. The girls respect him as a coach and an individual. He is outstanding. He has taken the girls a long way this year. They went clear to the semifinals with sophomores and juniors on the team. They were only three points away from the Championship. Coach Green has had a great impact. We are excited to have him as a coach at Maple Mountain High.

Congratulations Coach Cory Green!

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