Kelly Mortensen, PTA Region X Director, presented a check to the Nebo School Board of Education this past month.

The check was written for $1,472,710. This number signifies the amount of money given through volunteer hours to local schools by the PTA. A total of 83,110 hours were given this past year in Nebo School District.

The Utah’s PTA Web site says, "What is Utah PTA? Utah Congress of Parents and Teachers, more commonly known as PTA, is a volunteer organization in the state of Utah affiliated with National PTA. It is a representative organization, with units run by elected boards of volunteers made up of parents, school employees, and community members. Utah PTA’s agenda is advocating for children through providing education to members on issues facing children and families, involving parents in the schools (including service and advocacy projects), encouraging literacy and informed educational choices for children and families, and developing leadership and family life skills through programs and services to the families and public schools in Utah."

PTA continues to be an advocate for Nebo School District students. All the hours and service given by this incredible group is so appreciated.