Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District is thrilled that UHSAA recognized Nebo School Board Member, Collin Allan, for his significant role in athletics. Mr. Allan has literally spent decades devoted to Utah’s athletics.

UHSAA, in their news update, December 2010, Volume 24, Number 2, stated, "Once a year, the UHSAA takes special pleasure in recognizing outstanding educators, coaches, officials and individuals throughout Utah who have made a significant contribution to high school activities in a number of areas. The UHSAA Distinguished Service Award was initiated in 1987 to honor individuals for their service and contributions to high school activities. Each recipient was chosen because of the standards of excellence they exemplify through their service, professional responsibilities, leadership and sportsmanship."

Nebo District would like to add their thank you with UHSAA’s to Collin for touching the lives of so many.

Mr. Collin Allan will be recognized at Willow Creek Country Club during a luncheon held in his honor January 12, 2011.