Helping students with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) access a general education is a cooperative effort between school, parents, and student. The following lists give suggestions to help a student with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) access a general education.

School accommodations and responsibilities:

  • Establish a good working relationship with the parents/guardians
  • Structure missing assignments accordingly to help students complete class assignments
  • Allow the student to carry and take their own enzymes
  • Move the student away from students who are sick
  • Allow for flexible restroom privileges
  • Allow the student to have water and food in class
  • Follow agreed upon medical procedures when given under a doctor’s order
  • Train willing and capable school personnel in appropriate medical procedures
  • Provide second set of textbooks for home use
  • Remind the teachers that students with CF should not be discouraged from coughing
  • Consideration for physical education may be required
  • Adjust times for difficult classes and testing so student is most alert

Parent involvement:

  • Develop a good working relationship with school personnel and provide ongoing communication during the school year
  • Use physician and other medical personnel to instruct school personnel regarding CF in the school setting
  • Work closely with teacher for daily school work and homework assignments
  • Provide school with a doctor’s order for managing the student’s CF
  • Provide school with emergency phone numbers of parent/guardian and other responsible individuals
  • Insure that student’s CF related materials are readily available

Student self-management strategies and responsibilities:

  • Cooperate in all CF related tasks at school
  • Follow doctor’s orders as to the management of CF in school
  • As agreed upon, allow student to carry and use medicines like pancreatic enzymes

*** These are not complete lists of suggestions or accommodations, but are suggested ideas used by parents, teachers, and students to help the student access a general education.