Lana Hiskey

The Nebo School Board of Education enjoyed seeing the innovative ways that technology is being used in the classrooms of Nebo School District.

Janna Runolfson, first-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, shared various experiences that has truly helped her first-grade students improve their reading ability. She mentioned that teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach students. Mrs. Runolfson learned that it is about the students and their thought process and skills.

"Technology is a part of these young students’ everyday lives. Educators need to make sure the technology keeps pace with the students," stated Mrs. Runolfson.

One idea that was shared was the use of the flip video camera. Training was provided by District Curriculum Specialist Seth Sorensen. This training taught teachers how to use this technology in the classroom. An effective video presented at the training was filmed by kindergarten students, Adriana and Alexis Sorensen, teaching the water cycle through the use of a flip video camera.

Mrs. Runolfson used this technology to provide a Reader’s Theater. She said, "First-grade teachers spend a lot of time and energy teaching students to read." With the Reader’s Theater program, students were able to model, role play, and listen to other readers. The students also had the opportunity to watch themselves reading and see that they are becoming fluent readers.

Seth Christmas, first-grade student at Brockbank Elementary said, "I like the Reader’s Theater because we can hear ourselves read. I can now tell that I am a good reader."

These successful teaching strategies would not be available to our many students without the direction and foresight of Curriculum Director Nedra Call. Through her vision and support, Nebo School District students are learning the latest technology.

Mrs. Call said, "Teaching and learning should be fun. It is exciting to see students’ success."