Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Nebo School District’s Child Nutrition Program receives state recognition from the Utah State Office of Education for going “Above and Beyond” the state’s nutrition program requirements.

The Utah State Office’s Child Nutrition Program Director, Luann Shilpley, states, “Nebo District is recognized for your outstanding efforts in going ‘Above and Beyond’ the program requirement. You’ve help support our state mission to promote the nutritional well-being of children so they may reach their full potential.”

Bill Vest, Nebo’s Child Nutrition Supervisor, said, “Our mission statement is a vital part of our educational development. It is to provide nutritious and quality food served with ‘Warm Hearts and Happy Faces’.”

It has been reported that Utah is plagued with 25 percent obesity rate among students. Nebo’s nutrition program can do something about this problem. The best way for the Child Nutrition program to help remedy this problem is to encourage more students to participate in school breakfast and school lunch. Nebo was given guidelines to follow from the state Child Nutrition Department under the direction of Luann Shilpley.

Nebo’s nutrition programs continue to serve more meals and assist students to eat healthier items at breakfast and lunch. The school stores and vending machines are offering items that are healthier. Foods with minimal nutritional value were removed from all machines.

Some examples of nutritious meals can include chicken sandwiches served with fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and an occasional Creamie. Rice bowls are delicious and fun. Orange chicken, teriyaki chicken, and sweet and sour chicken are the favorites. Each bowl is served with a choice of fresh fruit and a fortune cookie. Bill’s favorite meals include mashed potatoes and gravy with roasted turkey, fresh baked roll, peas and carrots, and strawberry milk. That's right, Nebo serves 1% strawberry or chocolate milk and 2% milk for students’ enjoyment. Other favorite entrees include tacos, nachos and burritos served with all the trimmings. Nebo is proud of the spaghetti dinners served with a fresh tossed salad and French bread. Students have said that they absolutely love the country-fried steak and country fried steak fingers. These items are baked in the oven. Even the French fries are baked. Nebo eliminated the use of deep fat fryers nine years ago. Other students and faculty have fallen in love with the salad shakers, pepperoni pizza, turkey dell stacks, hamburgers, Italian dunkers, chicken nuggets, baked breaded chicken and pizza pockets. Again, students and faculty enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with these meals. Nebo serves all of the sandwiches on delicious multi-grain buns.

Nebo’s secondary schools enjoy a variety of choices each day. With multiple food stations, students are able to choose and enjoy their meals and still have a little time to chit chat.

Nebo’s Child Nutritional program serves breakfast as well. Some of the breakfast offerings include: yogurt, pancake on a stick with yummy maple syrup, wholesome milk, breakfast pizza, scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, cinnamon toast, fruit juice and fresh fruit. Over 3,500 students enjoy breakfast each day.

Patrons can look forward to National School Lunch Week the second week of October and National School Breakfast week celebrated the first week of March. Students can receive prizes including gift cards, educational items, and bicycles for participating in school breakfast and lunch.

Mr. Vest, reminds us that students have been able to purchase healthy and well-balanced meals from Nebo’s Child Nutrition programs for years in Nebo School District, and all students are served with "Warm Hearts and Happy Faces"!