1. After logging in...
  2. Click on a student.

  3. At the very bottom of the page is the Contacts section.
  4. Click on the "Edit" link.

  5. This Grid shows the Relationships between Students and Contacts
    • Information about the relationship is shown at the intersection between the student and the contact
    • If there is no relationship, the intersection is grayed out
  6. Students are listed in Green
  7. Parent Contacts are listed in Blue
  8. Emergency Contacts are listed in Red
    • Click the Emergency Contact's Edit Link to Edit Emergency Contacts
    • Click the Add Icon in the bottom right corner of the Emergency Contact section to Add a New Emergency Contacts
    • Click the Add Icon in a Grey Box to associate a student to an existing Emergency Contact
    • Click the Delete Icon (Red X) in a White Box to remove an Emergeny Contact from a Student
    • Click the Delete Icon in a Red Box to Remove an Emergency Contact from ALL Students
    • Click the Star Icon in a White Box to specify an Emergeny contact to be called first for each child
    • Click the Arrow Icon in a White Box to indicate that the school is authorized to release the student to this Emergency contact at any time