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Nebo School District’s Fourth Annual Elementary Keyboarding Competition

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 05/24/2019 - 4:36pm

Nebo School District’s fourth annual Elementary Keyboarding Competition was held at Spanish Fork High School on April 17, 2019.  It was five hours of intense competition, fun activities, and great awards.  The actual competition took place in three rounds of single elimination contests.  Almost 500 students were selected to participate on the basis of their keyboarding speed and accuracy.  First place winners receive a $100 Visa gift card.  Second place winners receive a $75 Visa gift card.  Third place winners receive a $50 Visa gift card.  Fourth place winners receive a $25 Visa gift card.  Places 5 through 15 receive a $10 bill.

Thanks so much to Nebo Credit Union and to Macey’s for supporting this yearly event.  Each year, Nebo Credit Union provides money for the top four awards in each grade level.  Macey’s assists with bottled water and snacks for the participants.  We are so grateful for their interest in and support of Nebo School District!

Nebo’s Elementary Keyboarding Program consists of 20 days of introduction to proper keyboarding in the 3rd Grade, 50 days of intense training and skillbuilding in the 4th Grade, and 15 days of speedbuilding and accuracy building in the 5th Grade.  The classes are taught by eight certified teachers who each teach at either three or four schools each year.

Nebo School District's Elementary Keyboarding Team
Christine Blazzard: Barnett, Taylor, Rees, Meadow Brook
Laurel Mills: Apple Valley, Goshen, Santaquin, Orchard Hills,
Kim Clyde: Cherry Creek, Art City, Hobble Creek, Brockbank
Molly Murdock (EX): Mapleton, Westside, Maple Ridge
Haley Hales: Brookside, Park, East Meadows, Canyon
Lorraine Tuttle: Park View, Spanish Oaks, Spring Lake, Wilson
Patty Holt: Foothills, Mt. Loafer, Larsen, Riverview
April Williams: Sierra Bonita, Salem, Sage Creek

Some really great keyboarding took place on April 17! The highest score was 110 words per minute with 4 errors.  That timing took place in the second round.  Below is a list of the fourth and fifth grade students who received awards at the end of the competition.

Fourth-Grade Winners 
Place    Name    School
1    Cole Telford    Sierra Bonita
2    Tanner Christiansen    Spanish Oaks
3    Tristan Cabral    Foothills
4    Brigham Davis    Wilson
5    Aaron Darby    Hobble Creek
6    Marie Wolston    East Meadows
7    Caleb Adams    Sierra Bonita
8    Allison Bernardino    Rees
9    Holynd Peterson    Wilson
10    Sienna Bucy    Riverview
11    Veronica Brown    Taylor
12    Kylie Mead    Foothills
13    Camden Johnson    Goshen
14    Ryan Hale    Sierra Bonita
15    Hazel Hendershot    Santaquin

Fifth-Grade Winners
Place    Name    School
1    Kaylie Slack    Cherry Creek
2    Bronze Brulingame    Mapleton
3    Lauryn Gomm    Sierra Bonita
4    Kendra Houck    Larsen
5    Jayda Jones    Riverview
6    Allison Christiansen    Spanish Oaks
7    Jvin Kom    Cherry Creek
8    Claire Chandler    Sierra Bonita
9    Angelica Ortiz    Park
10    Zachary Whitney    East Meadows
11    Makenah Anderson    Cherry Creek
12    Taylor Humphries    Barnett
13    Makell Cahoon    Mt. Loafer
14    Austin Olsen    Riverview
15    Lili McQuivey    Apple Valley

Thanks to our incredible principals, teachers, volunteers, and activity directors who made this event such a success!  We look forward to another great one on April 15, 2020!