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The Specialized Foundation Announces 2019 Riding for Focus Grant Recipients

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 05/02/2019 - 11:05am
By Lana Hiskey

The Specialized Foundation Announces 2019 Riding for Focus Grant Recipients

Diamond Fork Junior received a wonderful surprise from The Specialized Foundation. Specialized granted 41 new middle school grant recipients for the 2019-2020 Riding for Focus school program. With the addition of these new schools, The Specialized Foundation will now support more than 33,000 new students next year, across 130 schools, in 45 states and Canada. 

Diamond Fork Junior stated, “We are excited, ecstatic, and just flat out beyond ourselves to announce that Diamond Fork Junior High School has been awarded The Specialized Riding for Focus Bicycle Grant. Our school will join the forty other schools added this year and 133 total other schools nationwide to be awarded this grant. We will be receiving bicycles, helmets, and other equipment from Specialized Bikes to incorporate riding into our PE classes. Here is a video about the program:”

Diamond Fork Junior will be participating in scientific research conducted by Stanford Medical School and The Specialized Foundation. This study is looking at the potential benefits of cycling for improving middle school age students’ ability to focus. Previous studies have found that all students can focus better on school work, on being happier, and on being healthier when cycling is incorporated in the school day. To read the complete report follow this link:

Diamond Fork Junior plans to use the bicycles in the regular PE classes as a two-week unit. A new classed called “Riding for Focus” will be best for students who have trouble focusing in other classes, want a fun way to exercise during school, looking to be healthier and happier, or even just love to ride. If students are interested in signing up for this class, please go see the Diamond Fork Junior High counseling office by May 8. Spots are limited.

Nebo School District’s Payson Junior High earned this grant four years ago and have had tremendous success. 

Nebo School District is proud of our faculty for applying for such a worthy grant. Thank you to Specialized Foundation for providing the high quality bikes for our students.

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