Left to right (blond in yellow) Gracen Chiniquy 1st place affirmative, Brinley Nelson 1st place affirmative, Kyle Barton 3rd place affirmative, Bri Perkins 2nd place affirmative Elise Wilson 2nd place affirmative. Not pictured Ryan Hawkins 3rd place affirmative, Cate Cannon and Ashley Anderson 4th place affirmative team.

Left to right( white green pink)Sally Hansen and Bailee Rassmussen 4th place negative team, Sara White and Kennedy Hopkins 3rd place affirmative, Anne Wake and Sam Hart 2nd place affirmative team, Kaylee Hudson and Marissa Bradford 1st place negative.

Ninety-two fifth- and sixth-grade students debated February 25, 2010, in the Nebo School District Elementary Debate. The Resolution set by Utah Debate is Resolved that the state of Utah establish a policy to expand energy exports within its borders. Students explored the natural resources found in Utah and the benefits or harms that developing them to sell.

Debate provides an excellent opportunity for students to use their skills of reading, thinking, writing, speaking and listening.

Students in the photos are the first, second and third place winners who will advance on to the state debate on April 23.

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