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Coral Lee Findlay – Salem Elementary Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Coral Lee Findlay as Principal of Salem Elementary in Nebo School District.

Mrs. Findlay earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University and her master’s degree in Education Administration from Southern Utah University.

For the past six years, Mrs. Findlay has served as the intern coach for Foothills Elementary where she mentored interns from Utah Valley University and provisional teachers. Mrs. Findlay was a first-grade teacher for two years at Mt. Loafer Elementary, and a second-grade teacher for eight years at Foothills, Mt. Loafer and Barnett Elementary Schools. Also, she was honored with the Crystal Apple Award.

A colleague said, “Coral Lee takes on many administrative responsibilities that prepared her for an administrative position. She handles any situation in a timely and professional manner. Coral Lee’s interactions and decisions are always fair, professional and ethical. She is a team player and exhibits commitment to the profession. Coral Lee has a positive attitude and wears a smile even when she is dealing with hard things. She is reflective, kind, caring, dependable, and follows through with all her responsibilities.”

Coral Lee said, “I’m grateful to my parents for instilling in me a love of learning and a passion for education and to my husband for encouraging and supporting me in furthering my education and to never give up.”

Mrs. Findlay serves on the Salem Emergency and Disaster Management Committee and Salem Days. She enjoys gardening, cooking/baking, beekeeping, music, reading, and traveling. She is married to Russell; they have three daughters and one son.

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