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CTE teachers may attend State-sponsored conferences and in-service opportunities. CTE will support attendance at Summer Conference, UACTE mid-winter conference, and specialized State in-service training as described in the following policy.

Nebo School District #DLC will apply.

Summer Conference

All CTE teachers are encouraged to attend the Applied Technology Summer Conference. The following guidelines apply:

  • Attendance. Summer conference is an in-service opportunity. Teachers will be reimbursed to attend only in the program area they will be teaching the following year. Teachers with dual assignments may attend more than one session up to a maximum of five days.
  • Registration. Teachers will be responsible to register themselves for Summer Conference. CTE will reimburse teachers the cost of registration. Registration cost will be included in the travel stipend. If you register late, pay at the door and get a receipt. When requesting reimbursement for late registration you must provide a receipt. Reimbursement for late registration will be made at the early registration rate.
  • Travel authorization. Completed whenever conference involves an over-night stay.
  • Overnight stay. Approved for conference locations outside Utah or Salt Lake counties. A prior night stay will be approved for travel over 150 miles (i.e. Cedar City, St. George). CTE will reimburse only State-negotiated hotel rate and will not include tax. Tax exemption forms are available from the CTE office. Teachers will make their own hotel reservations. Hotel options are usually listed on conference registration form.
  • Transportation. Teachers are encouraged to carpool and take school suburban or CTE van whenever available. When more reasonable, mileage costs will be reimbursed for personal auto according to district personnel travel policy.
  • Meals. Reimbursed during conference at district rates of breakfast $7, lunch $11, and dinner $18. If meals are provided complementary or as part of conference registration, they must be deducted from district meal per diem.
  • Stipend. A stipend of $90 per day ($45 half day) is provided during summer conference. A separate voucher must be completed to receive the stipend for attending, this voucher goes through payroll and we need your signature.

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UACTE Mid-Winter Conference

All CTE teachers are encouraged to attend this conference sponsored by the teacher’s CTE professional organization, UACTE. It is held on a Friday night and Saturday during January. The conference will rotate locations. It is held for two consecutive years along the Wasatch front, then one year in St. George.

  • Registration. Early registration fee and dinner for employee will be paid by district. If you must cancel please contact the CTE office so we can make a substitute where possible. If teacher registers late, district will reimburse early registration fee with a receipt.
  • Other costs. Hotel costs for one night and mileage will be reimbursed when the conference is held in St. George. No stipend will be given. Please carpool when possible.

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State-sponsored In-service

Some program areas sponsor in-service training during the school year. If the State specialist has established a training course during school hours, teacher should request approval to attend from the building principal. The principal has an allocation from CTE to cover substitute costs.

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Specialized programs such as trade shows or vendor-specific training will generally not be approved for support with CTE funds. Any teacher wishing to attend such events may request support from building principal, professional development, or foundation funds.

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Professional Development Incentive Program

ACTE & UACTE Professional Dues

Professional dues will be paid for teachers who are striving to improve and develop their CTE program by meeting the following criteria.

□ Attend District CTE coordination meetings (Fall)

□ Attend UACTE Mid-winter Conference (January or February)

□ Have an advisory committee and meet at least once per year. This can be coordinated as a district advisory committee in your program area or be a part of UVSC Advisory Committee.

□ Have the 3-year program plan required for USOE program approval. This must be coordinated with other teachers in program area.

□ At least 50% of your teaching schedule must be CTE courses.

I have met all of the above requirements.

________________________________ ______________

Signature and Date

District will pay ACTE and UACTE dues. Teacher will be responsible for own Division dues.

Amount requested $_____________

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One of the goals of Careers and Technical Education is to develop student leadership abilities. One way to accomplish this is through CTE Leadership Organizations (FBLA, FFA, FCCLA, HOSA, VICA Skills USA, DECA, and TSA). Participation in the activities of these organizations is encouraged.

In all cases where funds are expended for convention and conference travel, the Nebo School District Policy #IICA and #IICA-P will be followed.

Travel with students for Leadership Organizations is approved with the following conditions:

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National Travel

  • Student eligibility. Any first-place student contest winner at the State level, or State officer, is generally approved by the State Office of Education to attend the National CTSLO Convention. Students eligible to participate are given a set amount of money from the State to use toward the cost of travel. In addition, the school may contribute up to half of the cost per eligible student; to bring total State and school sponsorship to ½ of student cost. The school or district will not contribute for students to participate in “special events” or “optional activities” (i.e. Disneyland, Sea World, etc). Any cost above the State and school contribution must be provided by the student.
  • A teacher with three or more State winners may attend with their students; fewer students may be assigned to other State Advisors on a rotating basis. Travel request procedure must follow established district policy.
  • Rental cars are not to be used and will not be reimbursed.
  • Teacher costs will be reimbursed by the CTE office at the District.

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State Travel

  • Teacher supervision will be maintained at the teacher/student ratio of 1/10. Policy requires that female supervisors are staffed for girls and male supervisors for boys.
  • Student costs are not reimbursed for State Conferences or conventions.
  • Advisors need to ride with the students on the bus.
  • Expenses for teachers (food, hotel) will be reimbursed by District CTE office.

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Teacher Stipend

  • Teachers receive pay for being a CTSLO advisor. (see Guidelines for student leadership Organization)
  • CTSLO club must pay dues to State and National organizations.
  • Minimal number of activities must be held each year
  • Opening Social
  • Leadership Conference
  • State Convention
  • Closing Social
  • Officer Meetings

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In order to effectively train students in job skills appropriate for today's business and industry, effort to keep equipment as up-to-date as possible is a top priority. Available funds will be used to replace worn-out or out-dated equipment being used in on-going, approved programs in grades 9-12.

Funds Available

State Add-on Funds

Each year a specific amount of funding will be allocated by the Utah State Office of Education for equipment purchase.

  • Teachers may be asked to submit proposals for these funds. Request for proposals will be issued in November.
  • Preferred proposals will include a 40% match.
    • These matching funds should come from skill testing money. Any allowance for trade-in of existing equipment may be applied toward the match.
    • Programs should have a long-term (3 year) equipment purchase plan.

Tech Prep

  • Tech Prep money is available for CTE programs which encourage career pathways in high school and articulation with post-secondary programs. It may be used to purchase equipment required to meet concurrent enrollment teaching standards and objectives. It may also help to develop classroom presentations or course materials which further the goals of Tech Prep
  • Tech Prep money is available in November.

Competency Testing

  • All CTE teachers are required to administer skill standard testing. Teachers generate money through testing. Each test passed earns the district state dollars. The amount varies by test.
  • Departments are allocated a portion of the money to buy equipment to be used for their program. This money may not be used for teacher travel or extra duty pay nor to provide monetary incentive to students
  • The CTE Secretary at the high school will be the skill test coordinator and contact at each school.
  • Funds are available by October each year

Federal Perkins

  • Perkins money is available to support CTE programs in a variety of ways. This money is Federal money. It must be used to develop programs which encourage academic progress, skill certification improvement, placement opportunities and non-traditional gender attendance and completion.
  • Teachers will be asked to submit proposals for these funds by the end of April each year.

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Purchasing Procedures

The purchasing department has authority to oversee and:

  • Initiate, conduct, and/or conclude negotiations concerning the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, and services for Nebo School District.
  • Obligate Nebo School district for goods and services:
    • Orders or commitments by the faculty or staff are not binding on the District.
    • Individuals who place orders which violate policy are responsible for their own order(s).
  • Questions the quality, quantity and kind of material requisitioned and suggest alternate items.
  • Select Vendors. Vendors may be suggested by school or departments and will be considered whenever it is economically feasible or expedient to do so. Every effort shall be made to include local vendors in the purchasing process
  • Issue standing purchase orders (SPO) when the services or supplies are required with some degree of regularity, but the exact quantities are not easily determined. All SPO’s expire on June 30 each year unless special arrangements are made. The SPO number must be given to the vendor each time an order is placed.

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CTE Equipment Request

Nebo Purchasing policy #DJB-P pertains to all CTE equipment purchases.

  • All CTE equipment must be purchase through the District Office with an CTE equipment request form, /misc/forms/employee_forms.htm#general. The CTE equipment request form is used in securing purchases for CTE equipment. Equipment requests are not purchase orders.
  • The following guidelines are provided to assist departments in preparing equipment request forms. Each request must include the minimum following information:
    • An accurate description and specification for each article. Include catalog number(s), size(s), color(s) shipping cost, etc.
    • Delivery instructions
      • If delivery time is important, state specifically when delivery is required
      • Delivery will be made to the CTE secretary and she will delivery the item to the individuals or departments when possible.

4. Cost of each item on the equipment request form with attached bid forms when applicable.

5. Copies of correspondence referring to specialty terms whenever available. The names of the vendors offering quotes and the date and amount of each quote shall be recorded, attached to the equipment request and sent directly to the CTE department and will be maintained as a public record.

  • Approval by the administrator in your building.
  • The School District may participate in all state contracts. Copies of these contracts are available for review in the purchasing department or viewed on the Internet (

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Purchasing Requirements

  • Nebo School Board Policy as well as Utah State Law imposes particular requirements for the different dollar amounts of purchases which require bidding. The following limits are determined to be the best to allow flexibility and yet still provide the control required by law and policy.
  • Orders must not be split to allow purchaser to meet a lower category. This is considered to be “artificially dividing,” which is prohibited in the Utah Procurement Code.
  • Purchasing Limits
    • Equipment items will be purchased through the District Purchasing Department and an inventory number will be assigned. Equipment items are classified as, but not limited to
      • Items with a cost of $500 or more
      • All audiovisual equipment in excess of $150
      • Furniture
      • Computers including peripherals
      • Power tools
    • For purchases up to $500 the departments may select the best source without seeking competitive quotes. For purchases over $500 and up to $2000 the department shall obtain 3 bids, and shall purchase the items from the vendor offering the lowest quote. All purchases over $20,000 will be administered by the CTE District Office and must have the Board approval.
  • Bidding
    • When requesting a bid from a vendor use form 850.1; Nebo School District Request for Bid.
    • All vendors will be given equal consideration. Vendors will be selected based on the following criteria: cost, service, availability of stock, financial responsibility, technical competence and proximity.
    • When it appears impractical to obtain a competitive bid, or when substitute items are not acceptable, a full explanation covering the reasons for such restrictions should be included with the requisition. Such explanations may include:
        • Repair or replacement parts.
        • Supplementary components of the same manufacturer
        • Physical design or quality requirements
        • Delivery requirements
        • Single source of supplies requested

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Receipt and Acceptance of Materials

  • The CTE secretary will receive all equipment purchases except when delivery of large equipment makes that impossible. The item(s) must be inspected for obvious damage, irregularities, or discrepancies. The department or CTE secretary is responsible for notifying the CTE office immediately of damage, irregularities or discrepancies. This notification should be made the same day and should include the following information:
          • Vendor’s name
          • Purchase order number
          • Date and time received
          • Item or items damaged and condition
          • Condition of shipping container upon receipt
          • Carrier
  • All damaged materials shall be preserved in their original state, with the shipping container until instructions for disposal are issued by the purchasing department. Before a claim can be filed, an inspection by the carrier must be made of the packaging and shipping material as well as the damaged merchandise. Contact the Purchasing Department if you need assistance. Shipping and delivery problems must be processed within two (2) days.
  • Notification shall be made to the CTE office when material is received which is not ordered, is defective, or in any way unacceptable. The CTE office will arrange to correct the problem. If damage is evident, have the delivery driver acknowledge the damage. Have the carrier make a note of this damage on the receiver copies before you accept the shipment. If it is obvious that substantial damage exists, refuse the shipment based on that damage.

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Leasing and Renting

  • Lease agreements are negotiated by the Purchasing Department for the School District. Schools or departments cannot enter into lease agreements in excess of $500. Lease agreements will be competitively bid as with any purchase.
  • Equipment which is furnished for School District use by outside agencies on a rental or lease basis, whether for a definite or indefinite period, will be covered by a purchase order. The equipment request must clearly be marked “Lease Equipment” and specify whether it is a new or renewal lease. The same dollar limits apply as for all other purchases.

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Use and Disposition of Careers and Technical Education Equipment (CTE Equipment)

  • CTE equipment must be used for purposes connected with Careers and Technical Education. CTE Equipment can not be given by teachers to other programs.
  • If a Careers and Technical Education program is deleted from the curriculum or has been replaced, the District CTE Specialist must be notified and the equipment will be distributed to other CTE programs or declared surplus.
  • Any equipment taken off the school premises must be checked out with the CTE Secretary. (Laptops, Cameras) All equipment that is checked out must be returned the next school day so it is available to students and faculty.

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  • The CTE secretary in each school will work with the faculty to facilitate inventory.
  • Equipment purchased through CTE funding must be listed on the Nebo School District Inventory list. Other equipment purchased with CTE funds should be included on the School's CTE inventory list.
  • A physical count of CTE equipment assets will be required once a year.

For Additions and Updates to Inventory

  • Most additions will be made through the purchase order process. The CTE secretary and CTE instructors are responsible to see that all the inventory information is made available and correct. (Description, Model number, Serial number, room number, department.)
  • Make all updates and corrections on the inventory sheet supplied by the District in red pen except deletions or removal.

Transfer, Trade-in, and Removal of CTE Equipment on Inventory List

  • CTE equipment must be transferred to another CTE department; the equipment cannot go to a “non” CTE program within your school. The procedure to transfer equipment includes
    • Checking with CTE director,
    • CTE programs through out Nebo School District have preference
    • When CTE programs have been exhausted and are not interested in receiving the equipment it may be transferred to another department in your building. Ask School Administer if they have a preference.
    • If no one is interested please have the equipment removed from inventory and taken to surplus by completing form 352.2
    • Have the new department or school complete an update for inventory to be added to their inventory
  • To have equipment removed because of a trade-in complete form 352.2 and submit a copy of the purchase that shows which equipment was traded in.
  • All other reasons for removal can be completed by filling out from 352.2. Please get this form from your principal. Your CTE Secretary will be happy to help you with this process.

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Career and College Awareness

1. Each year the Career and College Awareness team must meet together and plan their program. You must submit:

    • Proposed Orientation
    • Wrap-up
    • Work-based Learning Activities
    • Budget Information signed by each team member
    • 180 day Calendar (one calendar for all three teachers)

2. The State funds will be allocated when the budget plan and signatures of all team members are received at the CTE office. The budget should be reflective of purchases that meet the standards and assurances associated with the program adopted by the State of Office of education

Each student participating in TLC will be charged a $20 supply fee. This money is to be used for consumable supplies or non equipment purchases.

  • TLC Assurance checklist will be submitted each year in October.
  • TLC School expenditures summary will be submitted in October.

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Utah State Board of Education states, “Work-based Learning shall be integrated into all levels of the educational delivery system…”

  • Develop WBL preparation, participation, and evaluation activities for students and teachers involved in all Work-based Learning cone activities by participating in:
      • Apprenticeships
      • Career Fairs and Related Activities
      • Clinical Work Experiences
      • Educators Internships
      • Field Studies/ Tours
      • Guest Speakers
      • Job Shadows
      • Mentorship

2. WBL coordinators integrate with elementary career awareness; secondary career exploration; integrated core curriculum activities; Technology, Life and Careers, comprehensive guidance, and skills certification.

3. Each year the WBL coordinator will complete the Assurances Checklist. For all indicators not meeting standard on the checklist, a written statement must be attached describing how and when the indicator will be brought up to standard. This is a dual purpose self-evaluation to determine program strengths and weaknesses and to provide information for the State Office to make funding determinations.

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