Lauren Bush

Principal Lisa Muirbrook along with the Art City Elementary student council and the student action team gave a wonderful presentation at the November Nebo Board Meeting. 

Student Council President Kooper Lewis addressed the Board first. He spoke about the activities of Student Council and Art City’s “Rad Kids” program. This program is lead by PE teachers Julia Murray and Kathy Anderton. He explained that this program is meant to teach kids safety out in public by discussing basic safety guidelines and role playing dangerous situations.

The Student Action Team then performed some skits to demonstrate what they have learned. Some of the situations in their skits included stranger danger, fire safety, dog safety, and other situations that might require self defense. 

The students practiced shouting “Stay back you’re not my mom! No! No! No!” and they emphasized that it’s never their fault if someone harms them in any way. 

“We are safe, respectful, and responsible,” Audrey Swank, a member of the Student Action Team said. “We are good examples.” 

The Student Action Team also looks out for bullying and presents skits to the school every month. These skits are meant to show students the right and wrong way to confront a dangerous situation. The student members of this team prepare these skits on their own time and often practice during recess.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be with these kids every day,” Principal Lisa Muirbrook said. “Art City is a very exciting place to be.”