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Jon Winget is a delightfully enthusiastic instructor who has been teaching for 40 years. He wanted his seventh grade Utah History class at Salem Junior High School to get a hands on understanding of how our government works.  The United States is a democratic republic which means its citizens elect representatives to represent them. The students in Mr. Winget’s class felt the government was too large and not interested in them. Last May, Mr. Winget asked his class to write our elected officials with issues and concerns that were important to them.

In early October, Mr. Winget received a large envelope marked “Do Not Bend.” What is this about he wondered. The upper left corner of the envelope indicated it was from The White House, Washington DC. Inside was a letter with the embossed emblem of The White House at the top. The letter was addressed to Mr. Winget’s Students and signed by Donald Trump. The President of the United States actually responded to the students of Salem Junior High. In the President’s letter he said, “A robust and informed discussion among all of our citizens is always good for our Nation, and I am very glad you shared your thoughts and concerns with me.”

Thank you Mr. President for responding, and thank you Mr. Winget for leading your students into experiencing a government of the people and for the people. These students are the future of our community, state, and nation. Their understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the United States and its Bill of Rights is essential.

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