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While students everywhere can be seen dressed up for Halloween, today in Nebo School District and at Larsen Elementary the faculty went above and beyond for a Harry Potter themed holiday.

Walking in the entryway, guests are immediately greeted with decorations that make the school seem like it’s really Hogwarts. Students enter through Platform 9 ¾ to go to their classrooms where there are more decorations for the Great Hall and a Quidditch Pitch. Hundreds of paper owls line the ceiling throughout the hallways.

Kim Head, Secretary at Larsen, said that many people collaborated to make this possible.

“It really is a collective effort from everyone,” she said. “Many people donated things from their basements and stayed late to decorate. It’s all worth it when we see the students faces and how excited they are.”

Not only did the faculty put in effort to decorate, teachers and administrators were all dressed in Hogwarts Staff costumes. The day also included fun activities, including students being sorted into the Hogwarts Houses.

“We had a vision for this, and everyone came and made it happen,” Principal Cami Thomas said. “It’s been a really fun day.”