Lauren Bush

Principal Alison Hansen addressed the Nebo School Board of Education in the September Board Meeting highlighting the rigorous courses at Sage Creek Elementary School. The presentation particularly emphasized the immense success of their Chinese Immersion Program.

Chinese teachers Yating Li (American name Polaris Li) and Yongxin Li (American name Yolanda Li) also addressed the Board. Ms. Polaris Li discussed how proud she is of the students and the great progress they have made in such a difficult language. For students who continue with the program through sixth grade, their end test results in Chinese proficiency are comparable to that of an LDS returned missionary. The teachers said they help students with pronunciation, reading, writing, and fluency.

Fifth- and sixth-grade students in attendance danced and sang in Chinese for the Board. They performed two numbers: one was an energetic Chinese fitness song that the students danced to, and the other was a traditional Chinese song. The students taught the Nebo Board of Education the chorus to the latter song and sang together.

The Board was delighted to hear the students sing and see the influence this program has had on students at Sage Creek Elementary.