Assistant Principal David Knudsen, Principal Darrel Rolfe, Journalism Teacher Tiffanie Miley
Students: Julie Barbosa, Hayde Blanco, Jacob DeRosia, Spencer Duncan, Kara Dunn, Andrew Garza, Kristi Hatch, Sarah Jensen, Jose Martinez, Kenia Martinez, Chelsea Ricks, Max Schreiner, Brooke Seaton, Jack Setzer, Jacob Simmons, Christopher Taylor, Katya Wagstaff, Cody Woolsey

Principal Darrel Rolfe at Springville Junior addressed the Nebo School Board on Wednesday, February 10, and introduced the journalism class taught by Tiffanie Miley. Principal Rolfe said, “I have been involved with secondary education for 28 years, and I have never had such involvement from students as this Springville Junior High group led by Tiffanie Miley, English and journalism teacher.

The students spoke about loving to see their articles actually published in the Springville Herald newspaper and in their own school newspapers. Some students said, “It was scary and strange, at first, to interview adults. However, now it feels normal and natural.”

Journalism has made many of the student writers more outgoing than before taking journalism. The students said that they have learned to ask open-ended questions and not write their own biases in their articles. They stated that they have pride and accomplishment in their writing.

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