Lana Hiskey

On Thursday, August 17, the Maple Mountain Lady Golden Eagles Soccer team met rival Salem Hills on the pitch. Before the game, the athletes paused to honor Salem Hills goalie, Nikki Finau, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

The Lady Golden Eagles presented pink roses to the members of the Salem Hills soccer team and wore pink headbands in honor of Nikki.

Salem Hills Soccer Coach Lee Gillie commented, “Nikki has dealt with health challenges the few years that I have known her. You would not know it from her appearance or attitude. Nikki is always positive and hard working. As a goalkeeper, Nikki has great hands. Her best asset is her calmness. She is never rattled and can always move on to the next play and help her team.”

Nikki was diagnosed with Leukemia the week before tryouts. She is at Primary Children's Hospital undergoing treatment. Nikki will be in treatment for months to come.

Coach Gillie says “Nikki is tough - she is working hard to beat this cancer so that she can return to her teammates and protect the net.”

Maple Mountain Girls’ soccer team and all of the Maple Mountain athletics hope for a full recovery. Nikki is in their thoughts and prayers.

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