Lana Hiskey

With the appointment of Rhet Rowley as the Assistant Principal of Diamond Fork Junior High, Shauna Shepherd was appointed by the Nebo School Board of Education as Assistant Principal of Springville Junior High.

Mrs. Shepherd received her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in history and a minor in German. She received her master’s degree in Arts in Teaching from Grand Canyon University and Administrative License from Southern Utah University.

Mrs. Shepherd taught history and German at Spanish Fork High for thirteen years and at Maple Mountain High for six years. She has served as Dean of Students for the past two years at Springville Junior.

A colleague said, “Shauna exhibits a tremendous work ethic. In attendance, thoroughness, and follow through, she set herself apart as one who will complete the job beyond expectation. She has an infectious humor coupled with solid pedagogical and administrative understand that creates a complete package. Shauna’s ability to find common ground and establish trusting relationships ensures a lasting focus on student learning.”

Receiving numerous seminar awards, Mrs. Shepherd was honored as the 2011 Holocaust and Jewish Teacher scholarship recipient, 2010 Polish-American Teacher seminar recipient, 2010 Fulbright Teacher seminar recipient, 2009 Larry H. Miller seminar recipient, 2009 Crystal Apple Awardee, 2008 United States Holocaust Museum Teacher Fellow, 2007 Tri-State History recipient and presenter, 2004 TraiNDaF recipient, and 2004 University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics recipient.

Shauna’s personal motto is taken from a quote by Carl Jung, “One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.” Shauna also stated, “Every child is someone’s child, who is just as important as mine in this world.”

Shauna enjoys reading, traveling with my family, singing with Sweet Adelines, Geocaching, camping, and any kind of nerdy word or number puzzles. She is married to Brooke; and they have two children.