Lana Hiskey & Photos by Ed Helmick with Serve Daily News

Nebo School District and Maple Mountain High has held an annual Super Star Track and Field Day for the past seven years. This is not any ordinary track and field event. In fact is it held for “Super Stars”--Nebo’s special needs students. 

The Super Star day provides an opportunity for special needs students from around the district to participate in athletic events and be honored for their abilities and effort. Maple Mountain High athletes serve as buddies and mentors during the events, which include 50, 100, 200, and 400 meter races; a 400 meter wheel chair race, long jump, high jump, and softball throw to name a few.

Special Education Director, Mike Larsen, said, “It is inspiring to see the general education high school students helping our special needs students. As these high school students serve with dedication, I notice they have the biggest smiles ever on their faces. These type of events bring an awareness and appreciation for each other and a genuine happiness and love. I am so grateful for events like this.”

Dave Boyack, Maple Mountain High athletic director, proposed starting this annual meet and is responsible for all the planning with help from the Special Education department.

Dave said, “This track and field day is a great opportunity for the students at Maple Mountain High physical education classes and athletics to serve these incredible kids in Nebo School District. It is touching to see the smiles on all the faces of these Super Star participants.”

Photos by Ed Helmick with Serve Daily News.