Nate Black

Acknowledgment of Great Work
On April 19, 2017, a celebration took place at Barnett Elementary in Payson. Children were jubilant as the MountainStar AirCare helicopter (containing crew members, Principal Angela Stoddard, Nebo School District Elementary Director Dave Rowe, and Mountain View Hospital CEO, Kevin Johnson) touched down on their school soccer field. The students cheered in unison the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders and listened to words of support from their principal and the hospital CEO. Later, all students were treated to a popsicle and a Leader In Me bracelet, compliments of Mountain View.

The Leader In Me
Preceding this event, on March 21, the school had invited local community leaders, including Johnson, to come witness an assembly and to take a tour through the school in order to see what Barnett is doing with the Leader In Me program. This is the first year that Barnett has participated.

Johnson, who also sits on the Nebo Education Foundation board, was totally impressed, “I went not knowing what to expect, but was charmed by the personal invitation I had received from several students. What I witnessed was astonishing. It was obvious that these children were actively involved on a regular basis in understanding and living the culture of the program. It is imbued throughout their daily learning activities and is really teaching them great lessons about how to live and learn like leaders.”

Barnett is one of several Title I schools in Nebo School District which is actively participating in “The Leader In Me” program. Schools were awarded a $40,000 grant in order to make the program available. The district has invested in providing personnel training in order to spread the program and impact more local children.

Business Sees Value In the Effort
During the event, Johnson told the children over a loud speaker that he hoped that the kids would consider future jobs as healthcare workers because healthcare needs good future leaders. He praised them for their efforts and assured them that the community needs them.

“Getting this little event together was really just a small token, to show the kids, teachers, and administrators that we believe they are doing great things! We know that Nebo School District and Superintendent Rick Nielsen are building future leaders for South Utah County. We hope that they continue this program and expand it where possible.”

Teachers showed pride in their classes as they toured around the helicopter. The students enjoyed the event heading home after school with sticky hands and big smiles.

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