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Cheri Campbell - Assistant Principal of Payson Junior High

The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Cheri Campbell as Assistant Principal of Payson Junior High for Nebo School District.

Cheri received her bachelor’s degree in Family Science and master’s degree in Educational Leadership both from Brigham Young University. Cheri taught American Sign Language at Springville High for ten years and at Salem Hills High for seven years as well as serve as the student council advisor. She is currently the Dean of Students at Mt. Nebo Junior.

Mrs. Campbell stated, “I am a firm believer that administrators set the tone for the whole school culture. I will use my energy and enthusiasm for making students our number one priority.”

A colleague said, “I believe great administrators were first great teachers. I have never worked with a teacher with more heart than Cheri. Elective programs live and die with the teacher. Cheri’s sign language program was full to capacity with a waiting list. One of Cheri’s best strengths is her willingness to take charge of any event. She is a meticulous organizer and wants to see both faculty and students succeed. Cheri isn’t afraid to step into a classroom when a teacher needed to leave. She cares about others.”

Cheri spent all of her high school years in Cairo, Egypt. Her graduation was in front of the Great Pyramid of Giza. She enjoys traveling, reading, camping, fishing, motorcycle riding, scrapbooking, singing with loud, positive music while she drives. She enjoys playing games of all sorts, especially Pinochle with her Dad.

Cheri met her husband, Ron, at BYU. They settled in Spanish Fork and have five amazing children.