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Nebo School District honors classified employees across the district. Thank you to all those that submitted, almost 500, employees this year.

District Employee of the Year RaeAnn Nelson

RaeAnn Nelson, Educational Technician – Riverview Elementary
“RaeAnn is the music planning time technician at Riverview Elementary. She does an amazing job and often comes in early to help with extra music for assemblies such as the Veteran’s Assembly. She gathers pictures of Veterans that are relatives of students to display them on the wall. RaeAnn is also our 4-H coordinator and has over 300 students taking 4-H classes! Through this program, RaeAnn helped dozens of families in our district benefit from our food drive. She provides food to the Nebo Pantry and many turkey dinners to families in need at Thanksgiving. RaeAnn is instrumental in our Sub-for-Santa each year. This year she gathered gifts for 10 families. She also coordinated and gave necessities to students such as gloves, coats and hats. She gives generously from her own pocket. RaeAnn fund-raises for various clubs and athletics in Nebo District and is the coordinator of the Elmo Keck Scholarship that has benefitted seniors at MMHS, SHHS, and SFHS for over 15 years. RaeAnn Nelson is Nebo District’s Classified Employee of the Year.”

Andrew Goudy, Custodian – Santaquin Elementary
“Mr. Goudy brightens everyone's day. He is more than a custodian; he helps run the school. He plows snow early in the morning and even cleans snow off the staff’s car windows. Mr. Goudy stops by classrooms to see if anyone needs any help. He assists students with their science projects and will dress up as the gingerbread man for Christmas. He is known for coordinating the Reading Rodeo for our students in the summer. Mr. Goudy is so kind and helpful and makes others feel special. He has a beautiful soul and finds time for positive interaction with the students and staff and makes Santaquin Elementary feel warm an inviting.”

Faye Fuller Special Education Services – Payson Junior High
“Every day, Faye goes above and beyond working with students with significant disabilities. She accepts every assignment given to her, even if it is beyond her comfort zone. She will acquire the science test beforehand, and adapt it so students with disabilities can take it. Faye goes with the girls to sewing classes and will unpick sewing mistakes. She goes with the boys to their PE classes, and even runs the stairs with them. Faye goes to wood shop and comes back dusted with sawdust from head to toe. No matter the class, Faye has helped students engage and learn. Faye’s other extraordinary talent is seeing and understanding what motivates a student’s behavior. For example, last year, we had a student who was nonverbal and couldn’t tell us what he wanted. By watching his eyes and behavior, Faye was able to identify what he needed. Faye is an extraordinary employee.”

Patty Maloy, Food Service Clerk – Cherry Creek Elementary
“Patty is proactive and positive with creativity and passion. Whoever thought that a lunch clerk could have such an impact on an entire school? Patty does just that! She is constantly coming up with new ideas for the students. She decorates the lunch room in holiday themes and even a sports theme. With Patti’s enthusiasm, the lunch room was decorated in banners, pompoms, rugs, and pictures to promote a team-approach to healthy eating and creating a win-win situation. Students were treated to food samples, visits from team mascots, visits from athletes, and contests with great prizes. Patti encourages students to try a rainbow of foods and hosts activities and events to inspire students to eat their fruits and veggies. Patti demonstrates the Leader in Me in the lunchroom. She is amazing! We are lucky to have Patty and crew at Cherry Creek!”

“Patty also had an extremely tough time throwing food away each day. In fact, she cringed at the sight of it. She went to work and developed the first food sharing station in Nebo School District. Now, rather than wasting food--it is being shared with students that are in need. What a difference her vision has made in the lives of many people. Patty is beloved by the students, teachers, staff and her principal!”

Patricia Sanborn, Dispatch – Transportation
“Patricia has one of the hardest jobs in the district. By 5:00 a.m., she is answering phones and making phone calls to make sure all the bus routes are covered. As well as finding subs for those who are ill, she answers phone calls from parents. If that were not hectic enough, she helps with radios that connect the busses, the office, and the mechanics. Trish maintains a calm and professional manner as she answers the radio to help those in need. It’s enough to drive most people mad; but instead, she's cheerful and positive even when she may have to repeat herself several times. Along with all these responsibilities, there are many times she fills in for a sick driver because there is no one else that can drive. Trisha is always positive and cheerful.”

Russell Graham Technical Services
“Russ is positive and kind. He is always willing to help, even when it is something that he has never attempted before. It is known throughout the district that Russ is the ‘go to’ man when it comes to data. His technical skills are amazing, and his interpersonal skills are unparalleled. Even with all his knowledge and skill in this critical position, his patience and ability to focus on every person and project impresses time and time again. He is able to assess needs, prioritize, and then completely focus on solving problems. Russ does his magic with absolute respect for everyone!”

Chris Hall, Secretary – Spanish Fork Junior High
“Chris is an amazing financial secretary. Her books are perfectly balanced. She helps out wherever needed and whether it is part of her ‘job description’ or not. But perhaps even more notable is her ability to put others at ease as she patiently listens to the details of individual situations. Maybe it's the smile that is always found on her face. Perhaps it’s the quiet laugh that easily erupts as she finds the lighter side to almost every situation. Or maybe it's her easy going manner that people find so approachable. Even former teachers and administrators often come back, just to sit in her office and chat with her to share in her friendship again. Chris is always professional and positive as she interacts with our patrons. Regardless of the mood, moments after others interact with Chris, there is laughter and a happy resolution to the problem. Chris is a true asset.”

Todd Cook Maintenance – District Wide
“Todd keeps all of our custodial equipment running and in good repair. He never complains and is self-motivated. Nebo never has to worry about him staying busy. Todd is also very meticulous about the equipment and is a wonderful employee.”