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Nebo School District's Captain's Academy

Submitted by ts on Wed, 01/27/2010 - 3:36pm
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

In January, Nebo School District held its second Captain's Academy on leadership and sportsmanship. The Captain’s Academy is held three times a year. This event took place at Springville High School and included captains from each winter sport, student government, drill team, cheer squad, and band.

Nebo School District’s athletic director, Everett Kelepolo, said, “Our mission is to teach the value of competition, improve the athletic skill, and develop sportsmanship. We hope through the Captain’s Academy that we can help students, coaches, and administrators understand the impact we can have on leadership and sportsmanship throughout our district and state.”

E.J. Cafarro, Student Athlete Academic Director from Brigham Young University, delivered the keynote speech on “Mental excellence in athletics”. Superintendent Chris Sorensen, Secondary Director Scott Wilson, and principals of each high school present to the captains. Some of the topics included: “What a leader is”, “What is the role of captain?”, and “How can we as leaders instill sportsmanship?”

All of the Student Captains sit at individual tables with their peers from other high schools. They listen to each presenter and then work collaboratively to present back to the entire group their position and ideas.

A special thanks goes to Mr. Mike Brown, assistant principal at Springville High School for his vision and purpose to bring the district’s student leaders together for this academy.

Mr. Brown said, “This is a fantastic program to bring five high schools in Region VIII together,”