Lana Hiskey

Lisa and her husband, Chad, have had many opportunities to volunteer and serve in public schools. Lisa was involved in the PTA on a school and district level, Room Mother, School Community Councils at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. She also served on the Nebo Education Foundation Board as vice president. Lisa enjoyed working at Santaquin Elementary in the ESL program for 12 years.

 “I believe that our children need the input and support of parents in conjunction with teachers and administration in order for students to succeed. The board has the responsibility to support the good things that are happening within our district - support the outstanding educators and administrators and also look for ways to continually improve the quality of education in our schools. Our community and businesses can be a great resource, we need to encourage their support and input,” said Lisa. “I am very supportive of public education. I know it’s not a perfect institution, but Nebo has served our community well in the past. I expect it to continue to go forward in a positive way. Public Education has the responsibility to prepare students with skills they will need to succeed in life. It’s a rather daunting task! For our public education to be successful, it requires a team effort of educators, families, and the community.  I look forward to being a part of the Nebo School Board.”

Lisa is married to Chad; and they raised six children on the family fruit farm in Santaquin. Lisa loves music, reading, and spending time with her family and 10 grandchildren. They all enjoy hiking and running together. Chad and Lisa recently returned from a three-year mission in Piura, Peru serving as mission president and wife.

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