Lana Hiskey

The Nebo School Board of Education were enchanted by Springville High’s choir led by Leanna Crockett as well as East Meadows' sixth-grade students performing a scene from the re-enactment of the Odyssey.

Principal Celeste Gledhill thanked the board for the opportunity to present and share some exciting things happening at East Meadows Elementary. She introduced Alyson Dart, a School Community Council board member, and sixth-grade teacher, Nicole Lyman.

Alyson Dart said the School Community Council meets about seven to eight times a year to discuss school goals and progress such as reading and math improvement. Some topics of discussion were about recess before lunch, homework, intervention, and safety and security. Some of the funds were used for reading tutors, intervention technicians, gifted technicians, and technology to support intervention programs, student needs, computerized reading labs, mentoring, and enriching instruction.

Aly said, “I love the public school system and am married to the son of two lifelong Nebo educators. The School Community Council is an effective way to give parents a voice and meet the needs of students. Our voices are heard and our opinions are valued. Thank you for this opportunity.”

Nicole Lyman, sixth-grade teacher at East Meadows, discussed how the school is integrating the GAINS (Growing Arts in Nebo Schools) program. She said, “Our focus last year was to integrate music in to more of our core. We added music lessons intertwined with our vocabulary, phonic skills, and stories. This year, we also focused on integrating dance and movement into our social studies and science core.”

As the students studied Ancient Egypt, the sixth-graders learned about hieroglyphics. Egyptians used hieroglyphics to tell about important events. The sixth-grade team wanted students to create a sentence in which each person was in a frozen hieroglyphic. When the music started, students would move and dance until the music stopped. Then the students would stop in a frozen hieroglyphic.  When the music started again, they would move into another position and freeze until the sentence was completed. The students loved it. 

When the sixth-graders studied Ancient Greece, one of the favorites was the re-enactment of the Odyssey. Each teacher takes a scene from the Odyssey and has their class write up a script, make props, and then perform the scene in front of the other sixth-grade classes and their parents. Integrating drama, music, art, and movement into this lesson along with writing really made the students appreciate the GAINS program.

The Nebo School Board of Education had the pleasure of seeing some East Meadows’ sixth-graders perform one of these scenes.