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Donation to Nebo Education Foundation

Submitted by ts on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 7:43am
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Usually the Nebo Education Foundation is giving money to those classes, programs, and schools in Nebo School District that need that extra support to enhance student learning. However, this time Nebo Education Foundation is on the receiving end of a donation. Get Away Today’s business director, Dave Dunyon, donates a check to the Nebo Education Foundation through their business partnership. Get Away Today offers incredible deals to vacation spots including Disneyland, San Diego, Florida, and Hawaii to name a few.

Hiskey said, “These partnerships are so important to the foundation because we use 100 percent of the money to fund grants for our teachers and students. This month’s grants included musical instruments, leveled libraries, document cameras, and projectors. These grants were given to Spanish Oaks, Brookside, Riverview, Foothills, Canyon, Spring Lake, Larsen, and Park Elementary Schools as well as Springville Junior High.”

If you are interested in business partnership with the Nebo Education Foundation, please contact Lana at 801-354-7400 or