Lana Hiskey

Students in Nebo School District were asked, "What is your favorite thing about the first week of school?"

Elementary Student Responses:
“I love the teachers. They are nice and funny.”
“Amazing teachers, they know their stuff.”
“We got to walk on a red carpet the first day!”
“My favorite is my bus driver.”
“I liked the M&M fraction activity because it was so fun and we got to eat M&Ms after.”
“Making a Me Bag and sharing the five things with the class was a good way to get to know each other.”
“I like the read-a-loud time.”
“Jitter Juice, lunch, recess, and first grade!”
“Having my own desk!”
“Having lunch at school!”
“Fun stuff like coloring, writing, and we get to play outside.”
“Learning stamina.”
“Pushing the lunch bucket for my job.”
“Time with my friends.”
“Meeting my teachers.”
“Signing my name on the ‘You Matter’ poster, because my teacher said ‘I Matter’.”
“I finally have Mr. L for a teacher! It's going to be the best year ever!”
“Counting by 2's with a beach ball!”
“Giving the principal high-fives.”
“Getting to have three recesses!”
“Getting to open our new Phonics kits.  We each got our very own!”
“Seeing all my friends!”
“Seeing all my old teachers and the secretaries.”
“Meeting my new principal!  She is so nice and gave me a pencil at the open house!”
“School is the best, I love second grade.”
“Having another chance to become even a better student than I was last year.”
“I get a new teacher, I get to learn new things, and I get to meet new students. Fifth grade is the best!”
“Being kind to others and making new friends is the best part.”
“Getting new friends, getting beautiful clothing, and being nice.”
“Getting to know my classmates, getting to do work, getting to know my teacher really well, and getting to see my amazing classroom.”
“I like my new teacher because she is funny, smart, and fun.”
“To do homework on the computer.”
“I am older and that I get to be queen of the school.”
“I love the weird and fun games we have played, especially the toilet paper game.”
“Getting to see my teacher and the new principal and the school!”
“Getting to make new friends and the chain bridge on the playground!”
“Learning things about my teacher and playing with the blocks and all the math tools!”
“Meeting the principal's assistant!”
“Being with my friends.”
“The science experiment.”
“The WIG Assembly!”
“No homework the first week of school.”
“The science experiments.”
“Eating lunch at school.”
“Meeting new teachers, making new friends, and getting to learn new types of math.”
“Making new friends.”
“Meeting our new teachers.”
“Learning new things about the school and teachers.”
“Helping new kids at the school feel welcome and find their way around the school.”
“My teacher probably.”
“Our new principal of course.”
“My teacher is nice.”
“Jitter juice.”
“Magic play dough.”

Junior High Student Responses:
“I can’t believe I’m really in Junior High.”
“I get to meet all the new hot girls in school!”
“I get to meet new friends.”
“Hangin’ out with friends all day.”
“Wearing new clothes.”
“Excited to join FFA! We get to go to the State Fair; it's going to be a great year!”
“We get to pick discovery classes that interest us. I hope this year will be awesome!”
“The principal wears really cool glasses. I think he's going to be a good principal!”
“Seeing all of my friends.”
“My English teacher who is crazy in a really good way.”
“Being on Yearbook.”
“Taking pictures.”
“Seeing everyone again.”
“I liked trying to find all of my classes because I couldn't find any of them!”
“My teachers to so that helped.”
“Getting to see all of my friends again!”
“My favorite part is that there is no homework. Just easy disclosures.”
“New people and new school year.”

High School Student Responses:
“I just love coming to school.”
“Seeing my friends and how excited and happy the teachers are for the new year!”
“New teachers, new people, and a fresh start!!”
“Getting to know people new people. Most kids don’t like the “cheesy” getting to know you activities teachers do with their classes the first few days of school. But, I love them!”
“Getting to see all the new faces and making new friends!”
“Everyone is friendly the first few days of school!”
“I like being adventurous… On the first day I drove to Springville for my ALC classes and found out that they weren’t holding classes on the first day. I’m also meeting a lot of new people!”
“I am enjoying doing everything for- the-last-time.”