Meadow Brook held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, August 22, at 10:00 a.m. Principal Ryan Pitcher welcomed future students, parents, Springville City officials, Nebo School District personnel, and school employees.

“Today is a celebration of many people working together to build and get this beautiful new building ready for us to be having this ceremony today. Although it is a beautiful building, it won't reach its full purpose and potential until tomorrow when we start having students and families enter its doors and make it a school,” said Principal Pitcher. “Parents, I can tell you that these teachers and faculty that I have met and worked with over the past few months are the real deal. They are professional and positive and will care of your kids.”

Multiple Boy Scouts of America troops from the area conducted the American flag ceremony in respectable fashion demonstrating their patriotism. 

Superintendent Rick Nielsen introduced honored guests including Kevin Madson Architecture, Westland Construction, engineers, and others that made this school possible. He welcomed past superintendents, past school board members, Springville City officials, and honored guests.

“We have outstanding faculty here at Meadow Brook Elementary. We’ve brought some of our best and finest here to this school to bless and benefit young people. Because in the end, we are here because of students,” Superintendent Nielsen said. “We are here to build future citizens and strong community members. We know how to build beautiful buildings, and this is one of them. But the students are the spirit and the soul of school. When the students walk through the doors, that’s when the building comes to life.”

The student choir captured the audience attention singing enthusiastically, “I Can Because I Think I Can” and “The Leaders of Tomorrow” directed by Sarah Ledingham.

Dean Rowley, the Nebo School Board member representing Springville, spoke to the crowd about this memorable event. He mentioned that hay and sugar beets used to grow in this 12 acre site.

Mr. Dean Rowley and Principal Pitcher directed the official ribbon cutting that included the Meadow Brook students and Nebo School Board of Education.  Superintendent Nielsen said, “Students, this is for you. It’s your school.”

Parents and students were then welcomed into the Meadow Brook Elementary. The school is located at 748 South 950 West in Springville. It sits on a 12 acre site with 86,000 square feet of floor space with 31 classrooms, 2 computer labs, a gymnasium with stage, 7 acres play field, a preschool unit, and a media center. This school is one of the final projects from the district’s latest bond.

Nebo School District welcomes all 615 students to the new Meadow Brook Elementary School, under the direction of Principal Ryan Pitcher, with its amazing teachers and staff.

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