Goshen Elementary delighted Nebo School Board of Education with music and a video. Principal Lynette DeGraffenried thanked the school board for this opportunity. 

Principal DeGraffenried introduced three sixth-grade students, Audrey Peterson, Hannah Hazelet, and Melody Kenison. Students from second to sixth grade sang “We Can Be a Light” using flashlights directed by Joanie Burningham and Krista Openshaw. Then teacher, Travis Proctor, introduced the fifth-grade student-produced video highlighting arts integration with language, writing and social studies. 

Principal DeGraffenried gave the following points about Goshen’s School Community Council. The new goals will include:

1. Increase the number of students reading at or above grade level with an emphasis on third grade. Metric – 90% of all students making a full year of academic progress in reading.

2. Increase the math proficiency of all students by 2%. Metric - 90% of all students making a full year of academic progress in math.

3. Increase 4 th – 6 th grade student’s science knowledge by 2% on SAGE Science test. Improved academic achievement.

4. Implement the Utah State Fine arts core into every grade level. Metric – All teachers will integrate art lessons with other core subject areas.

“We felt is was necessary to add metrics such as the 2% increase in grade scores in order to measure the results of the efforts laid out in the goals. Over the past few years this proved to be useful and we did see an improvement year over year,” stated Principal DeGraffenried. “In order to accomplish these goals not only were the teachers involved in revising or focusing their lesson plans, they participated in extracurricular training made possible by SITLA funding.”

School Safety:
The parent drop off point is well marked, but needs to be relocated to create more separation from the bus zone and that plan is on hold for a year. The Safe Route walk plan was also approved for the year.

Town Councils:
Mrs. DeGraffenried met with the Goshen City Council and they approved repairs to the road in front of the school and is willing to add signage assuming the district is willing to provide the signs. She said, “I am working with Matt Gledhill on this. Overall, the city council has been willing to work with the school especially on traffic safety issues.”