Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District’s Hobble Creek Elementary hosted the Elementary Debate Tournament sponsored by the Utah High School Debate coaches Association. One hundred and thirty fifth- and sixth-grade students participated including students from Mapleton, Brockbank, Rees, and Hobble Creek Elementary Schools. The issue debated this year is, “Do the benefits of domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency outweigh the harms?” The following students won awards. 

Speaker Awards
Hobble Creek: Shyler Mecham, Nicole Cragun, Paityn Bird, Emma Compas, Chloe Ekker, Anna Sneddon, Avery Miller, Grace Carter, Brooklyn Asbell, Savanah Butler, Mia Anderson, Ashleigh Mousser, Libby Anderson, Rie Briggs, Ben Wheeler, Jordan Jenkins, Brody Colton 
Mapleton: Isaac Woolford, Tate Hickman, Aliya Cook, John Henderson Isaac Jacobson
Brockbank: Ethan Benson, Saylor Corona, Sarah Mockett, Andrew Fox, Cheyenne Terry, Gentry Wolf, Jesse Shepherd, Kyson Pulham, Peyton Thorpe 
Rees: London Leathers, Pieper Duvall, Lizzie Draper

The following students will have the opportunity to participate in the state debate on April 29.

First Place Affirmative Awards: Andrew Fox, Ethan Benson
Second Place Affirmative Awards: Rie Briggs, Ashleigh Mousser 
Third Place Affirmative Awards: Libby Anderson, Ben Wheeler
Fourth Place Affirmative Awards: Peyton Thorpe, Saylor Corona 
Fifth Place Affirmative Awards: Pieper Duvall, London Leathers 
First Place Negative Awards: Cheyenne Jensen, Isaac Bryson 
Second Place Negative Awards: Shyler Mecham, Chloe Ekker
Third Place Negative Awards: George Heywood, Ben Hansen
Fourth Place Negative Awards: Bailey Pierce, Hailey Wilson  
Fifth Place Negative Awards: Brooklyn Asbell, Avery Miller
First Place Original Oratory Awards: Kate Jones 
Second Place Original Oratory Awards: Sarah Mockett