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Janna Slye Reports to Nebo School Board of Education on Governor Herbert’s Education Meeting

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 10/23/2015 - 2:44pm
Lana Hiskey

Janna Slye, special education teacher, at Sierra Bonita had the opportunity to meet with Governor Herbert, Lt. Governor Cox, and Education Advisor Tami Pyfer. Others that were chosen to be a part of this elite committee included an elementary school principal, special education teacher mentor, high school counselor, elementary behavior unit teacher, elementary special education teacher, elementary teacher, and high school teacher.

Some of the celebrations of the meeting included discussion about: 
•     Grade schools
•     Exceptional instructional leaders
•     Common Core
•     Depths of Knowledge
•     Professional Learning Communities
•     Re-teach and Enrich

Some educational challenges reported included:
•     Performance pay
•     Teacher salary
•     Year end testing
•     Class size
•     Student behaviors
•     Personal teacher spending on classroom/students
•     Teachers working beyond contract hours

Governor Herbert took the time to personally thank each educator in the meeting. He expressed commitment to increase Utah's education ranking, and intends to continue additional funding for education.

Slye also told the Nebo School Board of Education about the importance of strong leadership in Nebo District such as Mike Larsen at Sierra Bonita. 

“Mr. Larsen is supportive and approachable and has the ability to create leaders throughout the school, said Slye. “He exhibits quality leadership with his presence in school and classroom through interacting with students and supporting teachers.”

Slye remarked, “The Governor acknowledged teacher challenges and suggested we approach our school board and superintendent about inviting legislatures into the classroom. The Governor genuinely cares about education in Utah!"

The Nebo School Board of Education thanked Slye for reporting back on this important educational partnership with the Governor of Utah.