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Utah PTA Awards Honor to Sherry Sandberg

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 09/14/2015 - 2:38pm
Lana Hiskey

Mrs. Sherry Sandberg was presented the 2015 Utah PTA Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Educator. She was presented with a small cash award from Mountain America Credit Union, as well as a cash Award from McDonald’s Corporation. 

Selected out of hundreds of educators from over 600 schools across the State of Utah, Mrs. Sandberg was chosen for this prestigious award for her outstanding abilities in creating meaningful relationships with students, parents and with the PTA and community over her 24 year teaching career at Mapleton Elementary School.  She now teaches at Maple Ridge Elementary, also in Mapleton, Utah.

Sherry Sandberg was nominated by Kim Heaps, PTA President, with a letters of recommendation from Principal Julie Perry.

Why does Sherry teach?  The children are her focus!  How does Sherry teach? From her own words - “My role as a teacher is to love, appreciate, and inspire children.  I base my relationship with my students on honesty, trust and mutual admiration.  I feel I can’t go wrong if my students know that they are genuinely valued for who they are and the good each brings to my classroom daily.  I am to bring a healthy dose of humor, creativity, curiosity and amazement to the classroom each day.” 

One mother states, “Mrs. Sandberg is amazing because she is not afraid to fly her true colors. She is a master at integrating curriculum and the students can see application of what they are learning in their everyday, real life experiences.”

On Sandberg’s nomination form said she is known for her: energy, enthusiasm, creativity, silly voices, hilarious stories, natural at teaching, inclusive, generous heart, hardworking, parental involvement, trusted, and friendship.

For the past 24 years, Mrs. Sandberg started, led and supported the following programs: Sandberg Superstars, German Scientist Honorary Professor, Parent Link, Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), German Christmas Carols at Christmas Tree Lighting, and City Office Ribbon Cutting Events.

In the PTA program, Mrs. Sandberg served as the vice president and volunteered and supported 20+ school programs including the school carnival, chess club, jump roping club, and room mother’s support. Mrs. Sandberg’s previous principal, Principal Gledhill, said, “Sherry is a leader among the school and her grade level team.  She has served a s a team leader, PTA faculty representative, and association representative just to name a few.  She is confident and willing to take on new responsibilities and learn new things.  She has built a strong relationship with her team and the community.”  Also confirmed by her new Principal Perry.  

Photo: Left to Right Dawn Davies, President, Utah State PTASuperintendent Rick NielsenTeacher Sherry SandbergRhonda Wall, Awards Specialist from PTA Region 10Roxane Whyte, PTA Volunteer, prepared Award Nomination/Application for Mrs. SandbergSpencer Carver, Mountain America Credit Union Manager, Spanish Fork Brandon Martin, Mountain America Credit Union Representative