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Grants funded by the Nebo Education Foundation - November 2009

Submitted by ts on Fri, 11/13/2009 - 4:10pm
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Diamond Fork Junior

Troy Peterson, Principal; Chrystal Chesney, teacher; Reese Brunson, foundation board member; Lana Hiskey, foundation director

Chrystal Chesney, math teacher at Diamond Fork Junior, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for calculators.

Ms. Chesney said, “We appreciate the Nebo Foundation for giving us matching funds in order to buy the much needed calculators that allow our students to succeed on a daily basis. This year there will be over 700 students that will benefit from this purchase.  The math teachers and students are excited that each student will have their own calculator to use while in class.”

Orchard Hills Elementary

Kim Barlow, principal; Lisa Rowley, foundation board member; Natalie Anderson, sixth-grade teacher; Kristina Christensen, foundation board member; K.L. Tischner, foundation board member

Natalie Anderson, sixth-grade teacher at Orchard Hills Elementary, received a grant for microscopes for the sixth-grade team from Nebo Education Foundation.

Ms. Anderson said, “Our school was delighted to get the news that the Nebo Foundation had awarded us with $450.00.  This money, along with matching funds, will be used to purchase a set of microscopes. The sixth grade science program requires that students be able to identify many microscopic organisms.  This information gained by the students will increase their knowledge for the year-end tests, as well as enrich basic understanding for the rest of their lives.  The microscopes will be available for other grade levels to use with other curriculum areas.”

“We appreciate the Nebo Foundation for their generosity and dedication, improving the lives of students in our communities. Thank you so much. We were all ‘tickled pink,’” stated the entire sixth-grade team including Natalie Anderson,  Marilyn Anthony, Debbie Adams, and Ramon Saldivar.

Springville Junior

Courtney Johnson, Springville Junior; Mary Rice, English teacher; Lynda Hales, foundation president; Gayle Gammell, foundation board member

Mary Rice, English teacher at Springville Junior, received a grant for sets of novels from the Nebo Education Foundation.

Ms. Rice said, “This grant will be used to purchase a classroom novel set as well as a companion informational text based on the historical incident profiled in the novelization. My colleague has arranged for author Chris Crowe, who wrote both of these texts, to visit our school after the students read. Historical fiction is important for humanizing the figures who make up our history. It is only when story breathes life into names that young people can see the complexities of their world. Informational text adds to students' ability to read their world as well.

“Strategic, intentional exposure to informational text assists students to acquire the skills for making sense of the type of academic prose necessary to build an opportunity structure. The alchemy of narrative and exposition prepares students to maximize their participation in democratic discourse. I appreciate the Nebo Foundation and their donors who take seriously a commitment to helping teachers attend to mission of public schools, that is, to make a public.”

Spanish Oaks Elementary

Reese Brunson, foundation board member; Principal Susan Huff; Natalie Clyde, foundation past president

Spanish Oaks Elementary received a grant from the Nebo Foundation Education for a patriotic wall for the entire school.

Principal Huff said, “The Liberty’s Story display will be a great addition to Spanish Oaks Elementary as a continual reminder to everyone who enters our school of the legacy of liberty.  The display of historical paintings and our nation’s founding documents will remind us of the price of freedom and the debt of gratitude we must keep in remembrance so that our liberty will never be taken for granted.  We are richly blessed today because of the sacrifices of those who came before us and made freedom a reality; we must preserve and protect that legacy.  Liberty’s Story will help us to do that.  Thanks to the Nebo Foundation for helping fund this project!”

Mapleton Elementary

Darlene Christensen, Mapleton facilitator; Gayle Gammell, foundation board member; Shannon Abbott, first-grade teacher; Lynda Hales, foundation president

Shannon Abbott, first-grade teacher at Mapleton Elementary received a grant for a dry erase board from the Nebo Education Foundation.

Ms. Abbott said, “We are thrilled to be getting a new easel for our classroom. It will add so much to our reading and writing time at the carpet.  Thank you Nebo Foundation.”


Congratulations to all our wonderful teachers that inspire the minds of children!