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January 2015 PEAK Award Winners

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 01/14/2015 - 8:07pm
Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District wants to showcase our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education. The award is administered by the Communications and Community Relations Department. 

January 2015 PEAK Award Winners:

Brenda Bales, Secretary, Springville Junior High 
Nominated by: Rhet Rowley & Tiffanie Miley
“First off, Brenda is an exceptional secretary. She keeps the school together and is always positive and upbeat with our public. Brenda puts in many hours beyond her contract time to make sure the school runs smoothly. 

“More specifically, there some boys that arrive at the school before 7 a.m. and sit outside or just in the doorways when it’s cold. These boys are at-risk for several reasons. Brenda takes care of these boys. They tease her on her parking skills, and they all have good laughs. She talks to them and shows them she cares. I have caught her bringing the boys doughnuts. I also saw the boys helping her carry things in. Brenda reports to youth support to tell how these boys are doing. These boys need someone in the school who cares about them, and they have found it in Brenda."

Caralee Steele, Food Services, Taylor Elementary
Nominated by: Debbie Riggs
“Caralee is the one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. She is kind to every single person she comes in contact with. She makes everyone feel welcome and important. We have a handicapped girl that works with us, and Caralee treats her like her own daughter--encourages her, praises her, makes her happy to come to work.She teaches everyone by example. Caralee works harder and longer than everyone and jumps in at every opportunity to help. She is patient with the mistakes we all make. Every day Caralee thanks us for all that we have done. Our kitchen is a good place to work, and Caralee is one of the main reasons.”

Kami Christensen, Mentor Specialist, District Office
Nominated by: Mike Duncan

“Kami has gone out of her way for a full year now to provide mentoring to one of our teachers at Cherry Creek. She has spent countless hours helping this teacher improve her craft. Kami never complains! She simply shows up and does her job. She does this on top of all of her regular responsibilities. Kami has a way of building relationships and then giving straight-forward meaningful direction that lifts those she mentors to another level. She has impacted many students at Cherry Creek by her willingness to help this teacher. Kami is definitely deserving of the PEAK Award!”

Kim Head, Secretary, Larsen Elementary
Nominated by: Garrett Andersen
“Kim always goes out of her way to make parents and students feel accepted in the front office of Larsen Elementary. She always has a smile. The love she has for her job beams through everything she does. Kim has gone the extra mile in helping several families get the needed documents and approval to enroll in school because she knows the importance of getting kids here and supporting the parents. Kim has helped take on a massive shift in our school culture.  I know that we could not have made this shift without her help and understanding. I appreciate ALL that she does for Larsen.”

Kacie Johnson, Teacher, Salem Hills High
Nominated by: Ashley Black
“Ms. Johnson is a great representative for the district. She is not power hungry and cares about students. Ms. Johnson has taken time outside of the classroom to individually care about me and other students. She truly cares about my dream and what I'm going to do with my life.”

Alison Hansen, Principal, Brockbank Elementary
Nominated by: Kristi Jensen
“Alison is so supportive of special education and the ‘special’ needs that we have as teachers. She offers great practical advice about handling different situations that come our way. Alison offers us many avenues of communication and interacts with us positively and with enthusiasm. She is an active participant in our IEP meetings and has a clear understanding of education and the special education process. Alison leads educators in her school to use best practices regarding the education of the students at Brockbank. I am lucky to be able to work with her.”

This initiative is designed to focus on "raising the bar" on providing exceptional customer service, both internally and externally. A key component of this initiative is the development of the PEAK Award. The PEAK (Positive Energy and Kindness) Award is presented monthly to someone in the Nebo School District who "really gets it" when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, which in turn results in positive impacts on everyone including students, parents, co-workers and members of the community.

Who Gets Nominated?
Faculty and staff members are nominated by anyone in the community through the Nebo School District website, wherein a special Customer Service link is provided. The directions as to how to nominate an employee for the PEAK Awards are clearly spelled out on the site. All nominations must include information on how the individual has provided exceptional customer service, as well as how the employee's actions impacted the nominator's overall perception of Nebo School District Schools. The name and contact information of the nominator must be included.